Electronic Music Dance Culture

In the 1990's as Romania's people struggled through revolution under a strict, communist regime, a gentleman by the name of Razvan Gorea left his home country in hope of seeking a better life in the United States, specifically New York City. Struggling to adapt to the American urban lifestyle this young man sought, found and conquered refuge within America's prospering electronic music rave scene. Frequenting nightclubs such as Limelight, Twilo & Roxy with gentlemen of a similar Romanian background, Mr. Gorea soon earned his dance alias through uninspiring means when a mutual city dweller referred to him as Mr. Tiny based on his small stature. Pushing through initial resentment, Tiny soon accepted his nickname but not before adding his own unique twist with the word Love. Low and behold, "Tiny Love" was born and began his crusade through electronic music dance culture's history; witnessing firsthand the creation, development and evolution of glow sticking, mag lights, liquid, digits and a plethora of other historical street dances in New York City.

Helping create the Liquid Lights Crew, America's first Glow sticking Crew, Tiny Love helped channel Liquid, Glow sticking and other rave-related stomping to the masses of New England's rave scene. Found dancing at spots such as Sputnik, Limelight, Ashbury Park and others to the sounds of Bones, Van Dyke and Scott Henry, Tiny Love broad casted a characteristic, natural blend of non-stop, experimental, multiple-style infused movement.

Having earned spots in crews such as Vibe Elements, Dynasty Rockers, Touch of Rock, Little Dave Rockers, Master Mind, New Era, and Dark Matter Squad, Tiny Love performs effortlessly as a mutant like alien in Popping, Waving, Tutting, Rocking, Robot and the style he helped create (and still dominate) Finger Tutting.