Electronic Music Dance Culture


Shenchi is a Baltimore native, and was first introduced to the local EDM scene in late 1992. Attending parties organized by promotion companies like Catastrophic, Ultraworld, and Fever, he was lucky enough to witness the early development of the legendary Baltimore/DC party scene. In 1998 Shenchi was introduced to the dance style known as Liquid by a friend and fellow party kid named Ki. Ki had learned the dance while attending parties in NYC and New Jersey and passed the basics of the dance onto the eager Shenchi.

For the next several years Shenchi developed his dance while attending local clubs and raves; it was at one of these local clubs, Sonar, that Shenchi was first introduced to Relic, Frequency, and the Liquid of the LPC. Shenchi immediately noticed that the advanced concepts of the two dancers had a visual vocabulary that far exceeded the standard flow patterns of the average Liquid head, and he began to absorb the concepts and knowledge that they had to pass on. It was also through Relic and Frequency that Shenchi was introduced to the other members of the LPC and the dance style known as Digitz (digits).

In October of 2010, after a brief hiatus from the EDM scene, Shenchi attended the first ever Liquid Dance Conference, with Houdoken. It was at this conference in Chicago that Shenchi was reacquainted with Relic, Liquid Pop Eric, and Code Red of the LPC. It was also at this conference that Shenchi’s love for Liquid and Digitz (digits) was rekindled and he began to seriously devote himself to the dances once again. Shortly after this “rebirth”, the dance crew Dark Matter was formed, and the newest chapter of Liquid and Digitz (digits) was begun.