Electronic Music Dance Culture

Ryoga started popping and animation in Osaka when he was 16. After graduating high school he took a small break from dancing but around April of 2010, he saw Nari’s movie was blown away by his Tutting/Digitz style. Ryoga soon began to take his classes. Toward the end of 2011 he became a regular student of the class, and started to learn Tutting/Digitz seriously.

In April of 2012, Cham visited Osaka and told Ryoga about Dark Matter Squad in America, the roots of the Liquid/Digitz styles and details of their event, Axiom. In November of the same year he went to the US with Nari and Cham and met Dark Matter Squad members and other American Liquid/Digitz dancers making deep connections with them.

After coming back from the States, Ryoga did a shows with studio members of Nari’s class, and eventually cofounded a crew called FRACTAL with Nari.

In November of 2013, he once again flew over to the States to enter the Axiom All Finger Style Battle. Ryoga passed the preliminaries and placed in the top 8. Recognizing Ryoga’s dedication and growth as a dancer, Dark Matter Squad offered Ryoga membership into the Crew, prior to departing back to Japan.