Electronic Music Dance Culture

Melissa aka Mina Bear had a very athletic childhood involving gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. Upon entering college a close friend introduced her to “hoop dance,” while attending a bonfire party and quickly grew to love the art form. Soon after she began making her own hoops, leading to the opening of her custom hoop company M Newman Designs in 2011.

About the same time Mina was picked up by the well-known performance troupe, Electrocute. She was recognized for both her hooping ability and gymnastic background.

In 2014 Mina was inducted into Dark Matter Squad. It was her high energy, aggressive approach to hoop that stood out and landed her a role as performer within the Squad.

Mina has performed and taught at various major festivals including Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival, Big Dub Festival and countless events across Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. She retains additional affiliations with groups such as BADASS Raves, Glow Washington, Light It Up Productions, Steez Promo and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, VA.

Mina’s specialties are in single/double hoops, single/double fire hooping, acrobatics, contact fire staff and actively teaches hoop dance.

Mina continues to grow her company, M Newman Designs, which now produces quality performance, day and fire, hoops along with custom bags and jewelry.

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