Electronic Music Dance Culture

A west coast native, Jenn's passion music was evident at a young age. She started playing piano and violin earl on during her childhood, studying classical, jazz & the blues. Her father was a drummer in the 60's and 70's in a popular garage band in Southern Ca. and exposed her early on to artists like Procol Harum, Jethro Tull & Lee Michaels. While friends and colleagues listened to Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, she was listening to Cream and Traffic.

Her first exposure to electronic music was at 13 years old when her father brought home Prodigy's "Fat of the Land" which was given to him by a young geek he worked with at a computer store. Little did she know at the time that EDM would soon become such a major part of her life. She moved to the Baltimore area her first year of highschool, and over the next couple of years listened to mostly rock & alternative. She eventually grew bored with the band scene, and began to seek out other music and find what else was out there. In 1998 she attended her first warehouse party, catching a rare glimpse into the tail end of the true rave scene... and it was there that she began to worship the beat.

Fast forward 10 years, Jenn has become an avid collector of EDM supporting Dark Matter Squad's music initiatives while also a respected practitioner in Finger Styles such as Digits.. All of her downtime is spent is a musical treasure hunt, spending hours on end searching and digging for those diamonds in the rough. Its a daily obsession that never gets old, and her love for music and desires to produce on her own grow with each day, fueling her curiosity to apply this knowledge and channel this love into her dance... Stay tuned for more...