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Kenzie Frenzy

Had you asked Kenzie Frenzy only a couple of years ago about hula hooping, she probably would have answered that it was awesome, however not something she would be interested in doing. Today, there is not a day that goes by when her mind is not going in circles.

Kenzie attended her first EDM party in 2007, and immediately felt at home among the laughter, dancing, and bass vibrating the dank walls of Club Sonar, in Baltimore MD, in a way she had never felt at a concert before. She quickly made friends, adventuring between MD, VA, NC, NY and PA. She was star struck with the musical, production, and dancing talent that filled the DMV area. She soon began giving back to the community, and the people, in any way possible; quickly becoming involved with B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves, Essence Productions, Light it up Philly, and Symbiotic. She has helped with, and planned, deco for numerous parties, worked various event staff positions, and promotes regularly.

In her spare time she practiced dance, and was part of a go-go troop, Cosmos Crew Entertainment, for many years. As many other dancers will tell you, things took a turn when she was entranced with the infamous LiquidPop Eric Arcade video; however it would seem her calling was in the flow arts, she just didn’t know it at the time.

Hooping became serious for Kenzie after encountering the preformace troop Electrocute. She was sold on the art form, and decided that the flow community was the one for her; She tried her first set of palm torches. Shortly after she purchased her first hoop, in the summer of 2012, from a friend named Rosie. Just like that, that can of worms had opened, and she had no idea where it would take her. Since then she has had the honor of preforming for widely known talents such as: Baby Anne, DB and Dara, Urban Assault, Danny the Wildchild, Sporty-O, Cyber Punkers, DJ venom, DJ funk, and many others. Despite being blessed to preform alongside such talents, her heart remains loyal to the roster of diverse local talent the DMV area has to offer, and she often can be found at the weekly parties getting down; frequently trading tricks and concepts with fellow hoopers.

Kenzie regularly devotes hours a week to practice, research, and attending workshops. Her flow, musicality, energy, and passion are unparalleled by many. Constantly honing her craft, this up-and-coming Hooper will be sure to captivate you with her rhythm and style.

Photo Credit: Brittany herbinko photogtaphy