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Johnii originated as a young freestyler from Future Shock DC in 2006. In that 1st year he learned to expand his artistic vocabulary and step out of his shell of just being a Freestyle Dancer. Within a year he grew into a Culture Shock DC Freestyle team member as well as shared his choreography with the team in future years. Johnii was also a part of GnC dance crew of the Washington, DC area, where he was groomed to appreciate the groove and subtleties of music; and also began to explore more into the art of choreography. Since beginning his journey choreography his work has been seen in Culture Shock’s East coast dance competition, World of Dance New York, and the Culture Shock Choreographers showcase.

Additionally Johnii has been a part of the ever-growing underground Ballroom Scene. He was 1st accepted into the Iconic House of Revlon in 2010, where before taking his leave from the house after 2 years, he won 4 Grand prizes out of 6 balls competed in, and made it past preliminaries and on to the battles at House Dance International NYC 2010. Self-trained in Vogue and Waacking, In 2009 was taken under the wings of Tyrone Proctor, who had dubbed Johnii the chapter leader for Imperial House of Waacking DC, was accepted into the Legendary House of Ninja from 2012 to 2014, and added to JP Goldstein’s “LIDF” movement.

In 2015 Johnii, was inducted in to Dark Matter Squad, adding his flavor of Vogue, Waacking and dance to their growingly diverse group of disciplines.

Music Credit:

Kingdom - "Stalker Ha" (HG Swells & Throdown 'Exorcist' Edit)

Free Download here: https://soundcloud.com/hgswellsandthrodown/kindom-stalker-ha-hg-swells-throdown-exorcist-edit

Special Thanks to Throdown & H.G. Swells: