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Hydrosphere was first introduced into the rave scene in the late 90s but didn’t discover the dance style, Liquid, until the year 2000 when he travelled to Philly for Whistle 3 and went to Club Space where the LPC was a resident dance crew. This is where Michael had his first lightning-strike moment. Upon returning home he began training and frequenting Nashville EDM events. Becoming a regular at Club Katatonic gave him the opportunity to start studying and practicing dance on a more serious level. Dancing with the best EDM dancers that Nashville had to offer, he was constantly looking for ways to better himself and during these formative years, made a commitment to exploring each tiny detail of the culture. It was that drive and passion that lead him to his discovery of the Liquid Pop Collective’s online presence.

Fast forward a few years to 2005, after moving to North Carolina, Hydrosphere met the two dancers that would become the reason that his dance has morphed into the styles that they are today, m00t and MKG. It was under these two mentors that he discovered his love for the dance style Digitz. During this time he began knuckling down to work on shaping a distinctive movement style, with personalized technique and technical virtuosity, while using his poetic imagination to build a compelling picture. He still credits meeting these two dancers and what they’ve done for his dance, to saving his life from the tormenting struggle that a Marine goes through after two combat tours in Iraq. For also setting him onto a path, that lead to a journey, to finding an inner peace and a way to take the negativity built up inside and transform it into a creative outlet of expression.

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After training relentlessly in Liquid and Digitz with the dance crew Southeastern Waterworks from 2005 to 2008, Hydrosphere decided to take a hiatus from dancing in order to become a student of the music that moved him on the dance floor. Under the watchful eye of music mentors, Danny LaPointe and TMYGNZ, he began delving into the prominent and highly competitive house music scene in North Carolina with the progressive artist collective, R3EL. After playing shows all over the state, various guest spots at shows in Richmond, VA, and holding two residencies in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, Hydrosphere decided to move to Knoxville, TN...a testament to his ambitions. There he began fusing his music and dance into one expertly blended, artistic movement. In Knoxville he jump started the movement by co-founding the two dance crews Urban Prophets and Cerebral Mechanics as well as picking up a local residency playing music, at Lollipop Production’s MissBehave night.

Hydrosphere’s artistic movement in Knoxville, combined with his unwavering dedication to EDM dance culture, is what gave him the recognition he needed to become one of the newest members of DarkMatter. This era-defining event in his life will serve as a catapult for opportunities to not only entertain people who are already a part of the scene but to reach out and introduce those who haven’t been exposed to it. And isn’t that what its all about....