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Dark Phoenix

Dushyanthi aka Dark Phoenix has been dancing since she was 6 years old. She didn't have any technical studio training growing up, but instead, learned from her peers and through trial and error. Through out her childhood and into college, Dushyanthi continually performed with dance teams. “I fell in love with b-girlin after I went to a club and witnessed some b-boys (Groove Crew) doing their thing. It looked challenging and fun. Something I definitely wanted to learn.”

Dushyanthi has danced as a freestyle and principal dancer in Culture Shock Washington D.C in 2012 and currently dances as a member of Afta Shock, U.F.N. (Until Further Notice), and LBX (Live By Xample/Lethal Burn Xtermination).

In 2012 she was introduced to waacking by Johnii Ninja while in Culture Shock Washington D.C. eventually dancing with I.H.O.W. (International House Of Waacking) Washington D.C.

She eagerly embraced waacking as a medium to express her feminine side. She wants to be a role model for young females by showing them that a woman can still possess strong feminine traits, without having to fit a certain mold, fulfill a certain stereotype, and without having to dress/act in a provocative manner.

Dark Energy is known as “the most profound mystery in all of science.” She says, “My love, passion, and inspiration taps into a space that feels like dark energy. A space where I spiritually connect with divinity. A space where I am completely comfortable and free to just be. In that space, the phoenix emerges…”

Dushyanthi’s teachers and influences in b-girling, waacking and popping have since included members of Groove Crew at Towson University from 2005-2007, Funky Rhythm Junkies (which includes DJ Madam Bliss), Heavens Crew, Kara Fabina, LOZ (Lionz Of Zion), International Flow Syndicate, Regulators, 3D, GreyMatter, B Girl Ninja and Gwo of Studio G, slim80 and Delicious Lawn Gnomes to name a few! She takes as many dance workshops as possible, and strives to learn more.

Music: "Happiness", DJ mix by DJ Madam Bliss
Video: T-shirts by Word, Beats & Life Inc. and by Supreme Nature