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Code Red Dark Matter SquadThe below concepts are the foundational elements to which the dance style Digitz (digits) is derived. Some of these concepts age back to the beginning of the style. There have since been additional concepts that have come to be through the contribution of active Digitz (digits) practitioners.

We are actively adding to this section. Over time you will see video instruction begin to be populated that will provide you with a visual representation of how each concept is performed! Hang in there with us as we work to get all of our content refined and populated!

Finger Waves:

The creation of a fluid flow from one side of the hand to the other through the use of the fingers.


A perfectly repeated rounded wave were the last part of the roll triggers the first origin of the roll. In all phases of the roll the pinkie and first finger remain at opposite sides of the diameter created by the roll.


Much like in Liquid contours include following along the outline of a object be it imaginary or real.


To create the appearance in which some form of synchronicity is achieved between each hands fingers. This can be achieved on any axis or angle while remaining stationary or in motion.


This technique involves bending a wave so that it appears to be pinched at its central axis and the structuring it back into another wave.


The act of creating perfect symmetry between two hands. Mirrors can flow in any direction use any for or any style just as long as each hand matches as if they were a mirror image of each other.

Axis Shifts:

Taking any digit technique and the shifting the hands opposite along a vertical or horizontal axis. A pause in flow occurs where hand Reorientation is achieved utilizing robotic straight lines and fixed-point rotations. Flow is then resumed in the new hand configuration.

Fixed 45s:

waveformsA linear fingerwave technique where a single iteration consists of pulling a line in the fingertips 90 degrees through a fixed point achieved by approaching and exiting the fixed point at mirrored 45 degree angles.

Fixed 45s can be used to create square waves, triangle waves and sawtooth waves1. 

Fixed Point Concept:

Fixed Point Concept uses the Mime technique of fixed point (‘pointe fixe') while applying any type of digitz concept. It is the act of using a stationary point within your environment to apply how all other objects interact with that point.


Tubing is the act of giving the appearance that your hands are holding a tube. While doing so additional concepts are used such as rails and contours to follow predetermined paths. Both rounded shapes and corners can be achieved either by contouring the rounded edges or using a technique called 'hinging' to bend the tube at a joint and change direction. A tube can also be segmented to allow the person to separate the hands from a solid tube and in 3d space to recreate, position, and produce symmetrical relationships of each hand.

Digitz Concept Extensions

This section is related to concepts that were derived from and/or highly influenced by Digitz (digits). They have since been developed into their own unique styles while at the same time using core Digitz concepts.

Finger Tutting

Finger Boxing

Finger Connect



1. Wikipedia: Waveforms