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Digitz Knowledge Base

Digitz (or Digits), created by a NYC party kid named Mario, is a hand dance developed in the electronic dance music culture. Its origins are traced to NYC around 1997 at the Tunnel Night Club.  The dance uses complex synchronizations of the fingers to produce shapes, waves, mirrored patterns and manipulations of the space around the hands.

Digitz Knowledge Base Sections


Historical Background of Digitz

Digitz’ origins began circa 1997 , at the Tunnel Night Club, right as the NYC club and party scenes began their steady decline into obscurity. In a small room of this city block sized club was a kid named Mario, experimenting with a new concept of finger manipulation and synchronizations.. + more input


Digitz Instruction & Technical Information

This section provides you with the technical breakdowns and vocabulary of Digitz (digits) that you can use to begin practicing the style. Explore the textual, graphical and visual examples used to better understand the mechanics of this dance style. + more input