Electronic Music Dance Culture


Welcome to the Dark Matter Knowledge Base.  It is our intention to produce a comprehensive repository of historical and technical information about the electornic music dances Liquid and Digitz (digits) as well as cultural information on rave and electronic dance music (EDM) history.

The Knowledge Base will continue to grow with textual description, graphic examples for visual aid and video instruction and philosophy that will help you better understand the many components that make up our dances. So sit back, buckle up and take a ride through what we hope will be the most comprehensive source of information on the world wide webernets!


Digitz Knowledge Base

Digitz (or Digits), created by a NYC party kid named Mario, is a hand dance developed in the electronic dance music culture. Its origins are traced to NYC around 1997 at the Tunnel Night Club.  The dance uses complex synchronizations of the fingers to produce shapes, waves, mirrored patterns an... + more input


Liquid Knowledge Base

Liquid dancing, a dance indigenous to the rave and electronic dance music culture, uses movement—predominantly in the hands, arms and upper torso—to create an illusion emulating the state of liquid or "flow" with the ability to change shape, direction and volume as the dancer sees fit. + more input


Liquid Pop Collective

In 2000, a group of dancers merged together to form a crew called the Liquid Pop Collective. These dancers were each from a different area of the north east United States and commenced as a crew due to their likeness in dance style. Each dancer had started their involvement in the elect... + more input