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Posted by Lucas aka Relic on August 06, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Hey Party People! If this is your first time stopping in, welcome! If this is your second, you’ll see we have made significant improvements to our website. In an effort to bring dancing back to the masses we have decided to expand and embrace everything Electronic Dance Music (EDM) related. With such a move our squad has expanded (and continues to) as well as the amount and quality of content we plan on bringing you. The ‘voice’ of the content on this site is produced from a collective group of individuals with very different perceptions on life, art and dance but linked through one common element - our love for EDM culture.

In addition to our developed web features Dark Matter will continue to lend itself as a vehicle that educates people in the rave scene on applicable EDM dance theory and the history surrounding it; specifically Liquid & Digitz. Our services are provided through workshops, competitions, event promotions, media outlets and sometimes just showing up at an EDM event to melt your brain. However make no mistake, the material on this site is and will always be developed and communicated by some of the top historical and current practitioners of these art forms. Whether it is a current member of Dark Matter or a special guest stopping by, the squad and friends are comprised of individuals with up to 15 years of experience alone practicing these styles. Our purpose is to use this experience and knowledge in a way that can help educate and assist you in your development and understanding of Liquid & Digitz... and hopefully you can show us a thing or two as well.

Stop in frequently. Next month we’ll release the details to our Thanksgiving weekend event - AXIOM, held in Baltimore, MD. This will include speaker lineup, price, times, location and an epic after party that Steez Promo promises to be MASSIVE: www.fallmassive.com.

Beyond all that we have some other things up our sleeve that we're stoked to bring you which we’ll be rolling out soon - vlogs on new concepts, instructional videos, event reviews, dope gear and continual expansion of the most comprehensive knowledge base on Liquid & Digitz in the known universe. In the meantime surf around, check out some of the blogs, like us on Facebook, send us your thoughts, book us for a gig… or if you just need a friend we are here for that too.

Also, if you have a moment stop by some of our friends and other movers/shakers that are putting in work to say hi and support their endeavors.

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