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Posted by jLush on November 03, 2011 | 0 Comments

Why, hello. Are you here for the beats and the bass? Looks like you’ve come to the right place. I have been mixing up a storm over the last two weeks to get ready for the Liquid Lush debut so forgive me for the delay. There has been so much good music I’ve come across lately, both brand new and older tracks that got lost in my collection but have now been found and reconnected with. A lot of these tracks have become very personal and special to me over these last few weeks, and this deep sound I’ve been tapping into this year has essentially become the soundtrack of my life. The truth is, I live for music that makes me feel something. Nothing makes me as content as I am when I hear a tune that moves my soul. So lets start off with some drum & bass, and then get into the dubstep/future bass type stuff.

Top Digs:

Total Science feat. S.P.Y & Kevin King: Past Lives [CIA Recordings]

I found out about this sweet and savory roller by listening to a dope mix called “Enter The Dragon” assembled by a very respected and even legendary drum and bass DJ from the D.C area known as Slant. Check out his mix on sound cloud, available on


Fields: Foundations [Utopia Music]

One of my favorite drum and bass tunes at the moment that I found more recently. The deep driving basslines, and twinkly arpeggios get me every time.

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Synkro & Indigo: Reflection [Exit Records]

What a gorgeous introduction. I am entranced by the stunning atmosphere, heavenly vocals, and tremendously emotional vibe of this beautiful piece. The amen break adds a real nice touch. The flipside to this called Guidance is also great, the catch is that you have to buy the vinyl to get the mp3 for free.

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Anex & G-A: Midnight [Dubstep For Deep Heads] (Free Download)

I completely adore the intro, its very emotional and the simple and lovely piano melody melts my heart.

Anex & G-A "Midnight" [Ratchetmusic32] Free DL! by Dubstep For Deep Heads

Planas: Rush (Gold Glove Rerub) [Free Download]

When you take a garage classic and give it a fresh make over, this is how its done.

This is an “Old school garage revival” of the original song by Stephanie Mills called (You're Puttin') A Rush On Me “

Click for free download with email submission

Phaeleh & VVV: Reconcile [Free Download]

An absolute beauty. These incredible producers are giving this remarkable piece away. Be sure to thank them.

Click For Free Download

Ghosts of Paraguay: Hadron

This is a really beautiful song, loving the melancholy Burial vibe on this one.

DJG: Breathing [Full Melt Recordings]

Just picked up this dopeness. Love the harmonizing chords in there, alternating with the melodic womps, until they sync.

Click to Purchase on Beatport

Runamucker: Morningside

...This is the sex. Forthcoming from EPLP collab EP, this track is a major turn on.. simma down now...

Check out their Soundcloud

Throwing Snow: Pyre [Unreleased]

More sexy future bass for your listening pleasure. Really hope this gets a release at some point, totally up my alley.

Check out their Soundcloud

TT Favs:

Truth: Soundsystem [Optimus Gryme]

Click to Buy

Jack Dixon: Coconuts [Free Download]

Coconuts (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by jackdixon

Ramadanman: Work Them [Swamp 81]

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XI: Dreaming Void [Surface Tension Recordings]

XI - Dreaming Void from Digifruitella on Vimeo.

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Von D & DJ Madd: U [Boka Dub]

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Headhunter: Royal Flush [Tempa]

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Kraymon: Slick Tricks [love the violin sample in this]

Kraymon - Slick Tricks [LOUSE 001] by LouseRecords

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Matt U: Victim

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B. Bravo: Swing My Way [Free Download!]

~I forgot who recommended this to me but ty very much, I love it.


Spherique: Snowflake [Med School]

~Thanks, Paul!

Check out their Facebook Page

Emika: Double Edge [Pinch Remix] ~

Thanks to Jenny Go!

Best Mixes:

#5 TZR Exclusive Mix:

#05 TZR Exclusive Mix by trusikdubstep


Ruckspin: (Submotion Orchestra/Cymatic/Ranking Records - Outlook Mix [2011]

Ruckspin (Submotion Orchestra / Cymatic / Ranking Records) - Outlook Mix 2011 by outlookfestival


Biome: Hedmuk Exclusive Mix

Read the full interview and download the mix HERE

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