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Whomps that you say?

Posted by Jenn aka Lady Lush on July 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

I started listening to dubstep only a little over 2 years ago. I couldn’t quite get into it at first, the tempo through me off and the few times I heard it live, I wasn't feeling the MC overpowering the track which killed my groove. After that I admittedly didnt give it a real chance for a while.

Once I discovered a deep tracks by artists like Mala, Ruckspin, and even some early Rusko I then realized... what else have I been missing?

Mala: Alicia

Mala [of the Digital Mystikz] made a tune that perked my interest to explore the genre even further. "Alicia" had an old school r&b vibe with breathy vocals, if you haven’t heard it by now, you may want to add it to your "sexy-time" playlist!

Ruckspin: "Sunshine"

Ruckspin has been in the game for a while now, and is still churning out some classy tunage (Keep an eye out for a collaboration with him and J.Sparrow coming this fall!). "Sunshine" is one of my all time favorite chill dubstep tracks, and one of the originals that started my collection. Enjoy!

Rusko: "Love is Real"

Rusko, (yes, Rusko!) produced this UKGarage anthem and to me, even an instant classic, it feels like I’ve known it for so long but this tune is only from 2007! Not so long ago...

Now, lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Turntable FM (email me for a personal invite) in the deep bass room getting schooled like crazy by my fellow deep dubbin’ soul mates. Here are some of the tracks they’ve shared & that I’ve been grooving to the last week... all of the following tunes I have heard for the first time within just the last few weeks so they’re still mad fresh to me. 

Oceania: "Watercolour"

Atmospheric, deep wavering sub bass. chillstep.

Deadboy: "Heartbreaker" (Julio Bashmore rework)


Encore: "Wind Up" (2000F & J Kamata Remix) [Universal Island Records]

Lush dubstep with some driving bass and earth shattering percussion.

Wind Up - 2000F & J Kamata remix by IslandRecordsA&RUK

Click Here to Download this Mix!

Sunkro & Versa: "She Said" [Pushing Red]

Available on Juno

Versa: Dubstep for Deep Heads Mix

Also by Versa, a mix that you do NOT want to miss! You need this in your life!

Versa - Dubstep For Deep Heads Mix by Dubstep For Deep Heads

Click Here to Download this Mix!

Sepalcure: Taking You Back [HotflushUK]

Para - Blow Your Mind

Para is an artist from the UK that I discovered in a compilation that I purchased on www.bandcamp.com called "Heartbeats." He came out with a little housey number called "Blow Your Mind" and liked it so much that I decided to look him up.

Para - Blow Your Mind (Heartbeats Charity Compilation) by parabeats

Para - Something Beyond [Parabeats]

I soon discovered a track he produced called “Something Beyond” which had an ambient airy feel with a classic garage beat.. Watch out for this up and coming producer, hes already throwing down some serious future beats!


A Hotflush Compilation not to be missed!

Click Here to visit HotFlush's website fior a listen.

Hypno: Analies [Teal Recordings]

This track demonstrates future garage at its finest, coming straight out of Iceland! Deep house vibes on this one

Click here to purchase this track!

Kidnap Kid - If [Squelch & Clap]

This is some of the freshest garage that I have heard, really dig dance practicing to this one quite a bit.

Click here to purchase this track!

Also Peep his soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/kidnap_kid

3rdeye: Deep Black [Gradient Audio]

Released April 2011. Prepare to have your mind melted by some real dubstep, no-bro up in here!

Also pee his soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/3rdeye

Phaeleh - Next Phase [Afterglo Records]

From one of the deepest brothers of them all, Phaeleh busts out one of the most gangsta sounding tunes I’ve heard in a while.

Starkey: Stars (Ital Tek Remix) [Planet Mu + Atom River/Indie]

One of the most beautiful dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard... ever.

If you dig the sounds I dig, stick around! I collect tracks daily, will post them weekly, share what I find and eventually I’ll throw together all my music gems into a soon to be monthly mix! If you have something you’d like to send me or think that I would dig, shoot me an email!

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