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Ode to the Mixtape v.2

"Do it" 1995

Posted by LPEric on November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

"Do It" 1995
Valley Forge Convention Center
DJ O'Keef
Side A


"Do It" 1995
Valley Forge Convention Center
DJ Sean Thomas
Side B


Holy hell where do I begin on this one? This was my first party in Philadelphia when I moved to the city in October 1995. I went with a bunch of people I met out at clubs in and around Philadelphia.

The Valley Forge Convention center was huge! What I remember most was the one hallway which was always jam packed with people trying to get from room to room. The party itself was a banger and to top it off was the unexpected 6 inches of snow awaiting everyone leaving the party at 6 AM!

“Do It” was a really good first experience into the Philadelphia rave scene and I made friends at the party that I still talk to until this day.

This mixtape came to me in a very odd way. A old girlfriend of mine was taking the path train from NYC to Jersey and ran into a random party kid who asked to trade mixtapes. In the trade, she got this one. I asked to borrow it one day to make a copy and I accidentally forgot to give it back...yeah that’s right, shady party kid in full effect! The two DJ's on the mixtape are DJ O'Keef and DJ Sean Thomas who were staples in the Philadelphia scene for years. The two sides are a nice contrast, one side has a tripped out acid feel and the other is some reall deep techy house. This is still a staple in my rotation and takes me back every time I listen to it!


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