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New Dark Matter Members

Ty Fingers & Tiny Love

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DarkMatter strives to bring public awareness to Finger Styles and the EDM Culture as a whole. We accomplish this by embracing all facets of the culture including dance, music and art.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - Tiny Love and TY Fingers. Both of these individuals embody the true meaning of artists - possessing the ability to not only create applicable dance theory, but also apply it well - very well.

Ty Fingers [TM]

TY’s roots in the NYC flexing scene create yet another bridge from one dance scene to another. The EDM scene will continue to learn his approach towards Finger Connect, as we will continue to educate him on Digitz and the historical importance of it.

Tiny Love

Tiny Love has always been and will always be part of our family. He continues to educate and teach the entire NYC area his approach on Liquid, Finger Tutting, Digitz and the bajillion other dance styles he does.

Both of these guys are class acts, respectful, deadly in a circle and just all around great people to learn from. DarkMatter welcomes them both as our diplomats to NYC.

Along with joining DarkMatter Ty also remains an active member of Next Level Squad (Brooklyn, NYC) and Tiny continues to represent Vibe Elements and Liquid Lights Crew.

DarkMatter is fully committed to evolving the finger related dance styles; Digitz, Finger Tutting, Finger Connect & Gloving. We strive for this evolution through events, workshops, videos, other means of artistic expression and supporting our friends and dance family through their endeavours. We feel there are no limits to where these styles can go, and educating the masses on the historical and evolutionary significance of these styles only brings positive change that benefits everyone.

Last weekend we held our first large scale event, AXIOM, and from what we can tell it was nothing short of an awesome experience for everyone who attended. Experiences like AXIOM allow folks to meet each other for the first time, learn new concepts, re-acquaint themselves with old friends and solidify feelings of camaraderie amongst the community. After the event concluded, we were confident that both Ty and Tiny would be nothing short of a perfect match for DarkMatter’s initiatives.

Please join us in welcoming Ty Fingers and Tiny Love!

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