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Vol. 2: Loving that deep sound

Posted by Lady Lush on August 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Lady LushAs you probably know, I’ve been on the deep tip for months. I never really considered myself a deep house head, or a fan of minimal/techno at all when in fact, I used to find it quite dull & boring. Yet, I find that as I’m getting older & every year I come back from Detroit my taste in EDM seems to be evolving and progressing toward that direction. I’ve started to appreciate house and techno on a whole other level.

When I’ve been searching for tunes, dubstep and the like, I keep coming across more and more tunes tagged and described as post-dubstep and/or dub-techno. Not to throw around sub-genre labels like it really matters, but it did make me think about how these genres can mesh & compliment each other so well. One minute I am listening to what sounds like and is dubstep to me, and next I’m listening to what sounds like and is essentially house/garage. Here is what I’ve picked this week to share with you.

Julio Bashmore: "Battle For Middle You"

[PMR Records]

This song and Julio became an instant favorite. He deserves his own page of honor but this will just have to do in the meantime. It is of my belief that Julio is a musical prodigy. At 14 years old he got his first copy of Reason and the rest was history. He was discovered by the legendary Claude Von Stroke who signed him to his label just a few years ago, and is respected and praised by both house and dubstep communities everywhere. The sounds that are coming out of Bristol lately completely blow my mind.

Clicks & Whistles: "When I Feel"

[Party Guy Records]

Now, Clicks & Whistles are not from Bristol, (I’m guessing since the album is titled “Future Sounds of North America” haha!) but I felt it had similar future bass sounds and of the garage/dubstep family.

Lone: "Rapid Racer"


My friend Elena sent me this not long ago, and I just can’t seem to turn it off. Tell me this doesn’t make you feel like you just took a time warp back to the 90s. How could something be so fresh yet feel so familiar? I predict this track will become an anthem one day.

Damu: "Mermaid"

[Local Action]

If you dig Bashmore’s sounds, then I think that you would love Damu’s as well. The flipside to this EP called “Sequinney” is pretty sweet too. Some more of that old school flavor up in here again...

Koreless: "Away"

This is exactly what I think of when wondering what it would be like if dubstep and house had a baby.

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