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Posted by Lady Lush on October 06, 2011 | 0 Comments


I love the east coast this time of year. The leaves beginning to change color, the crisp cool air wakes me up in the morning, breaking out all my favorite hoodies & hats. I find myself collecting and listening to all my beloved tunes more than usual and spin myself into a musical cocoon.

Been in a really great mood since I got back from the Big Dub Candy Mountain epic adventure... feeling refreshed, inspired, and creatively driven. Though I admit once Fall begins, I tend to suffer from mild bouts of seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight... but a little music therapy, lots of dance practice, and good coping skills should get me through it this time around. Maybe I’ll start using one of those SadLights too. Its funny how the most potentially depressing time of year for me is still my favorite season... maybe its because I love the food so much! I could totally go for some butternut squash soup right now and pumpkin bread (god, I’m a such a foodie!)

but I digress... this is a music blog after all. So without any further delay lets get to the music, shall we?

My Digs:

Littlefoot: Planet October [Well Rounded Records]

Here is a great track to kick off my favorite month of the year. Littlefoot delivers an uplifting

garage/house sound full of good vibes and energy that will put a smile on your face, but most of all make you wanna get up and dance.

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Altered Natives: What Life Once Was [Eye4Eye]

This is an interesting track to me. At times, I hear what sounds like a Baltimore Club beat fused with House, but it still doesn’t sound like a lot of UK Garage that you usually hear. According to the labels description on Boomkat, the whole album consists of various House mutations... & I really like the sound of that.

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Idea3: Inner City [Free DL]

When I posted my back to the future beats mix on soundcloud.com a few months back, I got some really nice feedback from this young fellow (only 19 years old!) from Bristol, that goes by Idea3. He liked my track selection a lot, saying he hadn’t heard a lot of them before. So he sent me a friendly message giving me a heads up that I might be interested in checking out his own productions... & he was spot on. This is one of my favorite tunes of his that kind of has a slow R&B feel to it. Loving the smooth bass lines, how the synths are varying as the tune progresses, and the subtle vocal sample which gives a nice touch.

Idea3 - Inner City (WIP) by Idea3

ASC: The Touch [Auxilary]

Released by Auxilary Records last fall, “The Touch” is a quality composition. The atmospherics, soothing vocals, and carefully crafted percussions, make it love at first listen. Has such replay value for me that I just had to buy it. Its currently out of stock on wax, but it is available as a digital download.

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Desto: Cold VIP [Noppa Records]

No matter what state of mind I’m in, I still seem to always love listening to melancholy garage. This track by Desto defines the kind of moody grime that I always look for. With such a variety of different contrasting elements, “Cold” is almost a happy-sad tune to me. There is kind of a Synkro vibe goin’ on which, of course, is never a bad thing. No surprise that its out of stock on vinyl, but again, you can still download the mp3 or put add the wax to your wish list if you must.

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Static Pirates: Acsension [Free DL]

Up and coming artist from the UK, Static Pirates has only a couple of songs that he has posted on the internets (that I’m aware of anyway) and this is being given out for free. Its so fresh that its hardly gotten any traffic, and I’ve already got a good feeling about the direction he is going as a producer. Love the beautiful ambiance of the entire track from beginning to end. Much thanks to Jam I Am for posting it.

Acsension by Static Pirates

Perverse: Skylark [Underground Bass Culture]

I absolutely love the dark and minimal dubstep, which is perfect for digitz practice in my opinion. Turn up your subs for this bass killer of a tune. Sadly, this isn’t the full length version but I can’t complain since there isn’t any information out regarding its release yet. I fell upon this completely by accident... don’t you love when that happens? Its almost as if the tune found me.

Ruckspin & Quark: Lydia’s Theme [White Label]

A tremendous and emotionally heavy track, this masterpiece gave me chills. It moved me so deeply, that I feel inspired to pick up the violin and start playing again. I’ve been on the hunt to buy it, though I’ve had no luck getting my hands on it. Ruckspin mentions that he plans to release it on his next album, whenever that may be, filling my hopes that it could be mine one day.

Author: “After Time” ft. Quark (Live) [Ranking Records/Tectonic Crew]

Speaking of Ruckspin, I am quite giddy about his collaboration with one of my other favorite artists, J.Sparrow, under the name of “Author” who are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The new album which is highly anticipated, is expected to come out on November 14th. Here is a 30 min live mix they recorded in Leeds just to tease you even further... I don’t know about you, but the anticipation is killing me!?! http://soundcloud.com/j-sparrow/author-live-eiger-studios.

TurnTable.fm Favs:

Joe: Grimelight [Hessle Audio]

Click to Purchase 

Sorrow: Myths & Legends

Myths & Legends by Sorrow.

Cloudboat: Lions On The Beach [R&S Records]

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Photek: 101 [Photek Productions

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Om Unit vs. Kromestar: Solar Cycle

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Jay 5ive & Kromestar: Wishful Thinking [Bass and Love Records]

Click for Purchase

Phaeleh: Soulfunk [Free DL/Dubstep for Deep Heads]

Phaeleh - Soulfunk [Free Download] by Dubstep For Deep Heads

Birdy Nam Nam: “Goin’ In” (French Fries Remix)

That’s it for this week’s round up, folks! See you next week :)

Blog Cover Photo Credit: Chico Johnson

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