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Posted by Lady Lush on September 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Greetings, fellow beat shy floaters. My apologies for my belated post but trust me, I’m about to make it up to you. Even though I did couldn’t get this blog out in time, I still found some time to collect dope music. Here are my best digs of the last week and a half. Enjoy!

Gladkill: Take it Slow

The crew & I were listening to this in the car on the way back from Big Dub Candy Mountain yesterday & it just fit the mood so perfectly. Nothing like dreamy synths & driving bass on the journey home.

Take It Slow by Gladkill

Free Download!

Cliffhanga: Landmines (Arkist Remix) [Suicide Dub]

Arkist is killing it, as per usual with his signature sound - funky melodic basslines. He nails it each time... I simply can’t get enough of his style of grime.

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Jack Dixon & Robin Card: Adrian [TAKE Records]

What I love about the Future Garage genre is how old school and familiar a track can feel and sound yet, be clearly current and fresh as ever.

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Mak & Pasteman: What It Do [Hot N Heavy Recordings]

Released just yesterday, Mak & Pasteman manage combine the styles of 808 Bass, Future Garage, and even Breaks! This track makes me want to dance my tush off. Get it while its HOT!

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Chik: Frightened VIP

Loving the erie vibe and deep sea bass on this one. Coming up in a big way out of the Czech Republic, Chik is being oh so kind by giving away one of his best tracks up to date. If you dig his work, should follow him on his soundcloud :)

Chik - Frightened VIP (FREE DL) by CHIK1

Free Download!

Biome: Space [Black Box]

You better have your subs hooked up for this one. Love how minimal this is... resonates with me, big time. Def going to keep an eye on Biome from now on... he’s really impressed me with his production skills.

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Coleco: Thinner [Skybrid Audio]

Coleco is another producer from Bristol, UK (go figure!) making heavy dubstep tunes full of sick subs and spacey atmospherics. Diggin’ this one hard, make sure to buy the whole EP and check the flipside, “Joke” is pretty hot too.

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Ital Tek - Strangelove VIP [Planet Mu ]

I highly recommend tuning into this at 480p in the lower right hand corner for your quality listening pleasure. Ital Tek is a highly underrated dubstep producer who I happened to discover only a few months ago. This treasure of a tune is so tremendously deep and heavily emotional, it makes my heart swell. The EP was released in 09’ but its new to me & I was so happy to find it.

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Drum and Bass picks:

Spring Heel Jack: Flying Again [Rough Records, 1995]

This will take you to the cosmos. I happened upon this vintage tune while visiting a different room on TT.FM and was completely blown away. I had never heard of Spring Heel Jack since they were before my time (I was 12 years old in 95’) but hey, better late than never, right?

Random Movement: The Intersection A.M

Happy 2 year anniversary to Random Movement’s Podcast! RM was feeling mighty generous and apparently had been keeping this track in the vault for the last 5 years, and now hes setting it free. The drop in there is incendiary, and the sax is smoooov.

Link to #25 Podcast and Free Download!

LSB: Subdued [Demand Records]

LSB, has done it again. I’ve been following him for a couple of years now and he never ceases to impress me. This tune in particular is filled with such unfulfillable longing.

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TurnTable.FM Favs:

SP:MC & LX One: Judgement [Tempa]

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Icicle: Galactic Step [Shogun Audio]

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XI: Medicate [Orca Records]

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Boxcutter - Cold War (vs. Ken & Ryu) [Planet Mu]

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Martyn: Masks [Brainfeeder]

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George Fitzgerald: Fernweh [Man Make Music]

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Myrryrs - Without U [Discobelle Records]

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Likhan: Redlight [7even Recordings]

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Sepalcure: Love Pressure (XI Remix) [Hot Flush Recordings]

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That wraps it up for this week :) Till next time...

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