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Is It Fall Yet?

Posted by Lady Lush on September 04, 2011 | 0 Comments

Summer may be over, but good music is with us all year round! I’ve got some real quality tunes up my sleeve, and I’m very excited to share them with you. My digs:

Kryptic Minds feat. Alys Be: Brief Passing

This is absolutely one of my favorites right now. Atmospheric and electro layers and deep, almost funky, bass.

Lewis B: Dark Clouds

I’m a big fan of Lewis B these days, who is an underrated producer in my opinion. He produced Pinball, was my intro track on my last mix, which has similar deep elements and dreamy twinkles that gives his music quite a magical experience.

Pro Luxe: Let it Go

Beautiful half-step/down tempo goodness. Smooth as silk.

Appleblim: Moonlight [Vitalik Recordings]

Moonlight has kind almost of an 80s sound to it, which I really dig. Perfect summer vibes... would love to hear this played at a outdoor bbq with good company.

Walton: Love Hangover

Was super excited to find this AND that it was available as a free download! This is a groovy remix of the classic song by Diana Ross, with just the right amount of the vocal sample to sweeten it to such delight.

http://soundcloud.com/funky-walton/love-hangover [for free download]

Billy Holiday: Don’t Explain (DZihan & Kamien Remix) [Verve Remixed]

An oldie but a goody, this version of Don’t Explain is pure class. I had almost forgotten about this until recently when I was on TT.FM and my peeps were playing tracks of a similar vibe and I instantly remembered this beauty. If you haven’t heard this before and you’re a Billie Holiday fan, you’re going to love it- I guarantee it.

Sweet Recommendations:

ReSketch: Ghosts [L2S Recordings]

This has been on repeat for days, I can’t get enough of this. BIG shout out and thank you to Cassie for sending it to me. You totally get the sound I’m always looking for.

V.i.v.e.k: Out Of Reach

Let me tell you a little about Jenny Go... this girl really knows her music. From one music beat junkie to another, I thank you for all the tunes you’ve been sending my way.

Favorite Selections from my homies on TT.FM:

Vishnu - David Makes Triangles

Numan: Secrets

Femme En Fourrure: Femdom

Femme En Fourrure - Femdom by TRUANTS

Voltron: Don’t Stop (Xxxy Remix)

Pinch Ft. Yolanda: Get Up (Jack Sparrow Remix)

Gemmy & Baobinga: Rockfall

Gemmy & Baobinga - Rockfall by Build Recordings

Shelter Point: Trust


Clicks & Whistles: Neva Get Caught


This tune thankfully is getting a release sometime next month off of T&A records oh man, I can’t wait! Future Bass at its finest.


Dark Matter presents an exclusive mix by Lady Lush... so stay tuned!

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