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The Rapture is Upon Us!

Posted by Lady Lush on August 26, 2011 | 0 Comments


Lady LushFor those of you that also live on and around the East Coast, may have felt the earthquake from Tuesday. and Its not over yet... now a hurricane is coming our way! If shit is about to go down, lets at least go down in glory. Check out these tunes NOW for you may lose power this weekend! Below are some of my most recent digs, lets start off with a little dnb and then back to the dubsteps as per usual...

LSB - BEEP [Demands Records]

“This one’s a hurter. Tiny scatterings of drums are underlain with percussive energy that roll the track along as expertly placed sound effects intersperse with precision and a deep and deadly sub bass ensures people's ribcages will be rattling.”

Squarewave - Snitch [Boka Records]

So many different moods in this sick dubby tune. The basslines flows smooth on this one.

OUT NOW buy here: http://t.co/AvocQTT

Debut solo single from upcoming London based producer Squarewave, an interview and free mix from Squarewave is available for free from the Boka blog: http://bokadubstep.wordpress.com/

Additional Links

VIVEK - Sirens [Deep Medi Musik]

A sneak peak into some fresh dubstep coming off the Deep Medi label, always appreciated. Unsure about it's release but stay tuned this fall.. It's going to be fire on wax.

Dark Sky - Promiscuous Gyal (remix) [White Label]

This will blow your mind, beginning to end. One of the most exciting bootlegs that I've discovered in a while. Limited edition may still be available in vinyl here.

Turntable FM: Spin Spin Sugar!

TT.FM is still rockin’ my socks. There was a pretty sweet turnout yesterday in the Future Bass room, (email me for invite) and I was exposed to all kinds of freshness by my fellow deep heads. Featured below are some of the tracks played that stood out to me.

Kutz & DJG - Hella Tight [Wheel & Deal UK]

Purchase Track

Sclist - Darkroom [Urban Scrumping]

Guido & Baobinga - Bumba

Be Safe This Weekend!!!

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