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Lady Lush Mix Vol. 1

Your Monthly Audio Transmission

Posted by Jenn aka Lady Lush on July 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Lady LushHere's a little mix put together by yours truly. It is a small preview of some of the music I’ve been tuned into these days :) A lot of the tracks are available on Bandcamp from a couple of compilations that I picked up. The rest of the tracks are just a bunch of randoms I snagged from various channels on youtube over the last couple of months and even some I had from when I first started digging for dub.


back to the future beats mix by j-raq

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Track List

  1. Lewis B - Pinball [Smokin’ Sessions]
  2. Jack Sparrow - Loveless [Tectonic Recordings] 
  3. Artec - Love Remix  [Heartbeats]
  4. Vax - Let's Go [Heartbeats]
  5. Sub Swara feat. Kendra Foster - Nectar [Low Motions]
  6. Synkro - Distant Feeling [Heartbeats]
  7. Myrkur - Transmission [Cut]
  8. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Reso Remix) [Trouble & Bass]
  9. Bonobo - Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix) [Ninja Tune]
  10. Sines - Far Behind [Heartbeats]
  11. Phaeleh - Cosmic Funk [Afterglo Records]
  12. Crypt - Aspire [Indie]
  13. Lush - Spatial Love [Cut]
  14. Mista Men - From Me, To You (Price Remix) [N/A]
  15. Littlefoot - Faceless [Heartbeats]
  16. Von D - Bonda Love [Heartbeats]
  17. Von D - A.S.A.P [Boka Records]
  18. Rob Sparx - Atari Ninja [Heartbeats]
  19. Kontigo - Stars Fall [Slime Recordings]
  20. Terror Danja - Time to Let Go [Hyperdub]
  21. Tek-One - Wax Poetic [Hench]
  22. Andy Mac - Everytime [Punch Drunk]
  23. Groove Theory - Tell Me (George FitzGerald Remix) [Doldrums]
  24. Martyn - Little Things [3024]
  25. Silkie & Harry Craze - French Knickers [Break the Habit]
  26. Hatti Vatti feat. Cian Finn - You [New Moon Recordings]
  27. Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere (feat. John Legend) [Magnet]


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