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jLush's Lovestep Lounge v.2

A Dark Matter Exclusive Mix

Posted by Lady Lush on November 02, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Hello, my peoples! Good news, I am sharing a mix with you all that I put together using Mixmeister studio & Fusion Live. This is just a chill-out mix containing some funky grime and deep dub. The vibes in the first half are chill sexy, funky, and even jazzy that say “baby, I’ma lay you down by the fire,” and then eventually progresses toward the darker, spacey side of dubstep. I call it the ‘Lovestep Lounge’ because ultimately, I would love to hear and play music like this in a chill lounge-type setting.

I hope you dig it.

This mix is dedicated to all my homies on turntable.fm who have, and continue, to school me hard on the deep tip.

jLush ~ Lovestep Lounge Mix by jLush


  • Arkist - Only If You Mean It
  • Logistics - Time Has Come
  • Silkie - Jazz Dubstep
  • V.i.v.e.k - Spread Love
  • Tek-One - Wax Poetic
  • Silkie - Tonight
  • Blasta - Cosmic Lounge
  • Arkist - Fill Your Coffee
  • Martyn - The Only Choice
  • Jack Sparrow - Can't Dance
  • SP:MC - Down
  • Jack Sparrow - Shoal
  • Arkist - The Devil's
  • Photek - Closer (Pinch Remix)
  • Trolley Snatcha - Always On My Mind
  • Phaeleh & VVV - Reconcile
  • iTAL teK - Strangelove [VIP]
  • L-ow - Asshak
  • Lojik - A Symphony

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