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New Year, New Music!

Posted by J Lush on January 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

Happy New Year, dear friends! I am ready to start this year off fresh with some new tunes, but also want to take some time to reflect. 2011 was one of the most pivotal years of my life. Becoming a member of the Dark Matter crew taught me a lot about myself & what I was capable of. It also inspired me to pursue djing and take my dancing to another level. I made such amazing friends and connections last year. Many upon my discovery of the Future Garage room on Turntable, which I give lots of credit to the cause and motivation my furious music digging. Dark Matter also experienced the epic adventure that was Big Dub Candy Mountain, a weekend that will go down in the books for sure... not only did we network & teach, but the experience brought us closer together as a crew. Soon after, Lucas had a the idea to start throwing our own events to get us together more often to practice dance in a public space. The bonus was that I was given the opportunity to share all the tunes I’ve been hoarding. After our "Get Funk’d" party this past weekend, I think its safe to say that Liquid Lush is becoming a successful party that’s going to continue to grow.

When Axiom came about, I was happy to host some very special visitors from Japan, North Carolina & Chicago... people who made the long journey to come to connect and share ideas with like-minded people. I made friendships and acquired knowledge that I will always cherish and remember.

That being said, this blog is dedicated to all of those that inspired me in 2011. A special shout out goes out to Jacob Hale, who loves and supports me more than anyone! That says a lot, because I’m quite fortunate to have so many loving & supporting people in my life ^*^ Happy 2012!

My Digs:

Zed Bias - My Sound feat. Juiceman (Al Browne Remix)

I’ve had this on repeat for days, one of Niktor’s favorite tracks that I’ve shared as of recent. Subscribe to Zed Bias’ mailing list on his website and get this 2step goodness for free! http://www.zedbias.co.uk/

Instra:mental - Leave It All Behind

Oldie but still a relatively unknown goodie. Really groovy tune and accurately described as “space funk” by a fellow fan in the comments.

Krampfhaft - Hyper Dreaming (Presk Remix)

Free EP courtesy of Rwina Records, featuring remixes of Kramphaft's Makin' Magic EP by Om Unit, Desto and Presk. Its a must have!

Formless - Primaudial (Perverse Remix)

Listen to them on Soundcloud -

Find them on Facebook -

Listen to the original track 'Primaudial' here:

Lurka - Blank [Free Download]

Background Sound - Tude [Free Download!]

Kawook - Faithless (unreleased)

Sonal Prez - Future Thinking [Free Download]

Haute Culture - Post [From the free EP, Chordial!]

Pále - Ruckus [Free Download]

Londy - One Day [Free Download]

Arkist - I Bit Some Dust Last Night [Unreleased]

Boogie :)

My Fav Mix:

Lenzman’s dnb mix

Transmit Your Ones and Zeros