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Jam For Sandy: Review

An Amazing Show of Support!

Posted by Dark Matter on December 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

On December 15, 2012, Mike "Dynamike" Chau hosted a benefit jam for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, "Jam for Sandy: Charity Jam for New York Cares, Hurricane Sandy Relief!" Proceeds went to the "New York Cares" Charity. The contests included Bboy 2v2 and All Styles 1v1 battles. When we say the northeast  and beyond showed up...Dayum, we ain't lying.

[ Cover Photo by K. Ateche Photography ]

Both the bboy contest and All Styles contest included 50 contestants each, both with a respectable wait list!  Dancers came from PA, MD, DC, VA, NJ, VA, IL, IA, MA and more to show support for this amazing cause.

We wanted to give a quick shout out to commend Mike for putting together a great event, and also all those that participated to make it happen. Judges included DOMkey (Lionz of Zion), Ookie and Skaircroh (Arrive to Defy) for the bboys and Wubott (DooDoo Supreme), Prince Lavince (Imperial House of Waackers) and Cricket (Step Fenz) for the All Styles contest. Music was provided by DJ Fleg (Lionz of Zion/MD), DJ Ex (Dynamic Rockers/NY), DJ ManOfGod (Rhythm Attack/Chicago), DJ Charlie (Deadly Venoms Crew/MD) and Dj Blak Majik (MD).

Some serious skill showed up for this event. Below are a few battles, but you can check them all out by visiting James Wu's YouTube page. You can also see some amazing photos of the event here!

Jam for Sandy | Bboy | Finals | Gunjak (Lions of Zion) & Toxsick (Lab Ratz) v Lions of Zion

Jam for Sandy | All Styles | Semi | Black Nasty v Aurelia

Jam for Sandy | All Styles | Semi | Tri v Johnii Ninja


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