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Dark Matter Website has Launched!

Posted by Jared aka Code Red on August 06, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello Dark Mark friends, family and fans! After some serious hard work from our team who have been busy writing content and slicing and dicing code, we are stoked to be launching our official website!

We hope to offer you informative, rich content on things we feel are important, intriguing and inspirational to the electronic music dance culture.

Dark Matter’s mission focuses on pursuing and advancing our culture with specific attention to the dances in which are birthed from electronic music and its lifestyle.

In order to accomplish this we want to recognize as many facets of our culture as possible. This goes beyond just our dances. We intend on exploring our artists, events, influences and anything else we find interesting. We do this by providing information and education that you can use, share and develop collaboratively with us. 

So don’t forget to routinely check us out, get involved and most importantly have fun getting to know us! We’re a strange brew on a mission for Awesome. And of course, if you like what we are about, please help spread the word!!

Website Features: Our Smorgasbord of Goodies


You can keep up with what we are thinking, teaching and getting giddy over by following our blog. We have broken it down into several section that you can filter through based on your interests. We will be providing insight into dance, writing reviews on events we go to, doing weekly roundups of music we think rocks and shouting out artists who are creating some serious eye candy for us. Below is a breakdown of the categories.

Dark Matter  Categories


There is a lot of information out there about our culture. We hope to contribute our part by providing specific info about our dances; Liquid and Digitz. We also intend on providing a section on the culture itself along with other sections as we move forward.

Future Features: What’s Coming down the Pipeline O’ Fun

Video Repository & Instruction

Our knowledge base will soon have a section dedicated to videos we consider important in learning about our dance and culture. We will have breakdowns and tutorials on different dance techniques, interviews ad other fun video-based projects.

We will also be adding video to our Liquid and Digitz segments showing you examples of the many different techniques of the dances.

Creative Projects

We are continually exploring different creative projects. As we move forward, keep and eye out for fun, weird, unique, zany, [insert adjective here] and off the wall projects from us.

Help Contribute: Save the World

Contribute to the knowledgebase & Blog

We love our culture, our dances and everything else that make it up. We want to continue to provide you insight into what we do and our passions. That being said, we also know that so many of you out there have additional knowledge on these topics, and we would love to hear from you. Don’t think something we wrote is accurate, or think there is something you can contribute to help us grow our knowledgebase? Think your new label kicks ass, heard about a new trend or awesome event coming up. Get in touch!! You can send us info, links and suggestions at at transmit@darkmattersquad.com.

Creative Commons: We Like to Share.

Dark Matter has decided to provide the information you find on our website as part of the Creative Commons License. What does this mean you say? Quite simple, this information is for you to use provided you follow the terms and conditions of the CC License. We urge everyone to share their information, and we always aspire to learn. In order for us to grow as a community and preserve our culture’s history, it takes a collective effort, and we are aware of and support that. If you are interested in using our material in a way other than what the creative commons notes, just contact us to discuss it.

Creative Commons License
This work by Dark Matter Production, LLC is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.darkmattersquad.com/legal.

Get Social: “Hey Abbott!”

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Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback on our site. If you notice something working improperly or have a suggestion on how we can improve, let us know. Your feedback and suggestions will help us continue to better provide you with supper yummy and delectable content in that user-friendly way that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks again for checking us out!

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