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Vol. 2: You are Freaking Out, Man!

Posted by Lucas aka "Relic" on August 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Soooo I’m still not sure what to make of Glovin. I think it has enormous capability to do something epic, but I feel like the watered down digit concepts they use don’t ever achieve the intended illusion. BUT I’m watching a lot more of them to monitor the progression of the art as time goes on. I finally came across one this week I felt worthy of passing along. Its a Glovin battle, and the first dude, Rockstar, seems to ‘get it’ in the beginning of his set.

Our Romanian brother up north is at as usual. Future & Rashaad’s YouTube account - FunkinFocus - released this nice exchange between Tiny Love and Future. Great example of showmanship, respect and a battle done proper; watching your opponent dance so you can do one better on what they throw at you when its your turn. How many sub styles can you count in this battle?

Part 1

Part 2

I don’t believe there has been any new material from Monster Hands in awhile. Finger Connector outta NYC, check it out.

How The West Was Won was held last weekend out in L.A.. A little bit of footage floating around but I thought this cypher footage of Madd Chadd & Chibi botting was worth mentioning.

Ran across this vid a couple of weeks ago, Marie Poppins straight up slayin’ some dude.

LPE with his .02 

Check out Jardy of Soul Sector. I get a lot of questions on how to House Dance and I always point them to Jardy’s Videos. Not only being ill with it he also has a great selection of free instructional clips on youtube as well. 

Enjoy the weekend!

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