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I'd Rather Be Dancing v.4

Fingers Fingers Everywhere

Posted by Relic on November 04, 2011 | 0 Comments

I’ve been brainstorming a couple of themes for this weeks video roundup but diverted back to the finger styles. Seems like not only are there more videos coming out but the overall quality and skill level in them is as well (I’m running into a lot of these thru facebook groups). Finger Tut, Finger Connect, Digitz... shit is hoppin! So glad to see these styles in a lot of cultures outside of EDM.

Lady Luv 

I’ll kick things off with some lady luv. Charlie from the west coast.


Bluz is SoCal I believe.... glover by trade but see what happens when you take them off? Yezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so much more to look at.

Mr. John Steel

Mr. John Steel. Sounds like some type of power, money & porn name. Haha nuthin but luv Birdage! Definitely possesses some delicate hands for a big dude. Clean dimestops into transitions... me gusta.

Ronny aka MoonMan

Ronny aka MoonMan aka Mr Atomic aka Dope Boxes aka watch his channel aka can’t wait to see where he takes us with his ideas.


My Bmore buddy slinging some of his steez. Video is a little grainy with a web cam but you get the idea on what he’s currently playing with. Houdoken will be releasing some conceptual tutorials soon, stay tuned.

Liquid Kevin

Some digitz from Liquid Kevin- Japan native currently living in London. Looking forward to showing him some American steez at Axiom so he can bring it back to the far East and the far West.

Right Turn Ahead

New Order

Off theme but can’t help myself. New Order videos leave me in absolute awe of what it means to create with others. Even the biggest haters can appreciate what they do here.

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