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vitaminwater sponsors Dark Matter

Posted by Lucas aka Relic on July 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

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vitaminwaterThe squad is extremely grateful to the folks over at vitaminwater for sponsoring us and fueling our mission to showcase and teach individuals applicable dance theory at electronic dance music events. All attendees at Dark Matter events, as well as other workshop appearances, will be given free bottles of vitaminwater to stay hydrated. Look out for specially placed QR codes with vitaminwater products we will be passing out for details on Dark Matter events, as well as some hidden gems (think Willy Wonka’s golden ticket).

Please consider taking a moment and heading on over to Vitamin Water’s Facebook page and giving them a “Like.” www.facebook.com/vitaminwater

If your interested in sponsoring the group, advertising your product on the website or providing support at an upcoming event of ours please inquire through the Contact tab above. One of our robotic sentinels will contact you on how we might be able to collaborate and take over the world.

Once again our thanks goes out to vitaminwater!


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