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Event Review: BDCM

Big Dub Candy Mountain!

Posted by Dark Matter Squad on September 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Like many of you seasoned party goers out there, the members of Dark Matter have been to a boatload of raves and parties. Let’s face it; we have been hyped, weary, let down, surprised and twisted sideways at each new experience we get from every respective event we go to.

Then there are those parties, that every so often, provide us with an experience that no matter how we try to tell the story to those that were not there, we still end the narrative with, “you had to be there.”

When we talk about our recent excursion to the 4Quarters camping ground in Artemas, PA for Big Dub Candy Mountain, what we really feel like saying is, well, “you had to be there!” But that wouldn’t make for a very interesting blog entry would it?

So, Where to begin? Let’s just start off by saying this event was absolutely magical. Great vibe, lovely people, fun tunes, beautiful location, kind groundskeepers, warm drum circles and clean bathrooms (3 days of camping makes this is very important!). A perpetual adventure - all of it, fantastic! If you weren’t there, you seriously missed out on an amazing experience. Yes, “you had to be there!”

Dark Matter approached this event with a primary goal: to showcase our talents in a variety of settings in order to generate a greater interest in dance, as well as educate those who would listen about different dance styles, history and technique. What we actually got was a larger experience of shared energy, creativity and new-found love for what parties can and are becoming, thanks to production crews like B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves and Slo Kids.

From the moment members of DM arrived Friday evening, the positive vibes were present and flowing all throughout the camp grounds.

After finding a spot to camp, a fellow a camper nearby offered to help put our tent together. It was simple nice gestures like this that rippled through the grounds the entire weekend. We found camping to add tremendously to the adventure, making it easy and comfortable connecting with others especially those camped around us. We were fortunate to have such awesome neighbors!

There was tons of happy people communing with nature all the while good beats where playing in the background and setting an atmosphere of a Neo Ewok village.

Candy Mountain had been live since Thursday, and there was a palpable buzz in the atmosphere as the sun set on the second day. Darkness had fallen and the bass was calling us forth.

We walked around looking for familiar faces, checked out all the different vendors, and got down to all the awesome sets by several DJs we had never heard before. One of our favorite sets of the night was a dubstep set by this Nix who we instantly became a fan of. She was dropping a mixture of heavy and melodic tunes, and her transitions were flawless and creative

Great detail was put into stage production and environment. Each stage area was decorated and organized in a way that kept the DJ close to the audience and the audience close to nature.

Lasers, provided by DreamBeamz, pierced through the woods overhead, playing off the leaves and woods, cloth panel installations throughout camp set up by, Mana, Slow Kids, Wickerman and Low Viz, held all sorts of graphic media for people to trip out to and the stage lights by Sentient, were top notch and well synchronized to the energy and beats the DJs were dropping. Lets not also forget the great sound quality of every stage, thanks to Symbiotic. Well done fellas!

Pro-tip: I highly recommend dancing in a drum circle if you’ve never tried it. You’ll get a whole new appreciation for rhythm. There’s just something special about it. Try it!

As the light shows played off the treetops, spraying electric colors across the twisted limbs above, another circle formed inside the circle of stones, and DM was at the center of it dancing like tripped out space aged pagans. We flowed for hours; our legs and forearms burning with the effort. As onlookers watched, we only gained more energy, wanting to simply keep dancing for people, especially the awesome fellow partiers we found ourselves surrounded by.

We went to sleep that night feeling like it was Christmas eve, knowing we would wake up to all kinds of wonderful things...all the rave butterflies we usually get before the party, stayed with us throughout the whole trip.

On Saturday, the entire crew finally came together, which was actually for the first time since the new members, (Lady Lush, Nik & Vik) had been initiated.

We were slated to perform around 3pm, so the early part of our day entailed prepping, talking with our neighbors and checking out more of the venue.

Finally we headed over to the pavilion with tons of vitamin water, music and film ready to go.

We really wanted to spend time teaching our crafts to our participants, so for the first portion of our set we decided, why not just get down for our audience to show them what we do, then use the rest of the time to talk shop and teach.

We loved watching all the faces full of wonder out in the crowd. When we have those connections with our audience, we call it “stealing face.” We were stoked see people so into what we were doing and it just drove us even more to put on a good show.

At the end of the presentation we jumped into the crowd, spread out and began to teach people what we knew. People came up front, asked questions, and experimented with the concepts we showed them. We feel it was an eye opening, even life changing experience to many people that came, and we were thrilled to see a lot of the younger folks up there absorbing as much as they could. For Dark Matter, its not just about performing and being “the center of attention,” our primary goal is to teach and expand the dance, and Big Dub certainly gave us that opportunity.

We hope you all enjoyed the free Vitaminwater, courtesy of Glacaeu. This company rocks and has been a phenomenal supporter of Dark Matter.

For the rest of the night we walked around to the different stages, enjoyed phenomenal sets by various DJs. Big ups to Proxxy & Lantern and DJ 2Rip. You both annihilated the dance floors!

This was a very special weekend to us and is definitely going down in the books as one of the best EDM events we have ever attended. To all the people that were involved in making this possible, thank you. You showed us, that the spirit of the rave lives. We came away from this experience as a better people, with new friends, and couldn’t have asked for a better time.

We extend the deepest thanks to BADAss & slo mo kidz for their hard work and hospitality, all the BDCM attendees for letting us melt your faces off, Chad aka 2Rip for believing in our purpose and the opportunity to get in front of people with great spirit and eagerness to learn about EDM dance culture.

Over the last year B.A.D.Ass and SlowKids have been consistently bringing the funk, and with that they bring out the crowd that we really enjoy seeing time and time again. With each annual event there has been a significant increase in organization, event quality, and overall party vibe. Of all the promo companies that have been doing it big in our area, we have to say, these folks not only live up to their name, but bring back the long lost spirit of rave.

When multiple organizations are able to come together under one cause, we are all able to make an even bigger contribution to the community for the greater good. That is why when Chad and Bryce agreed to support DarkMatter’s workshop we didn’t hesitate for one second to join in on the event. The fact that people have appreciation for the music that they dance to means so much to us and is exactly the type of people we want to be in front of and exposed to.

Let’s not also forget about the staff at 4Quarters, they really are one of the best venue management teams we have ever had the honor of partying with. Not only did they have respectful and responsible staff members, but they really did want you to have a good experience. They showed their patrons nothing but love, and this fact alone makes party-goers more conscious of their surroundings. People were returning the favor by cleaning up around them, being helpful to others, and truly making their own positive contributions to the event, and their food was BANGIN!

Dark Matter wants to give a big thank you to Vik for making the connection with B.A.D.A.S.S Raves and planting the seed in what we know is going to be a long, prosperous, supportive relationship between Dark Matter and BDCM and future events.

And lastly, thank you to everyone we bonded with and shared this wonderful experience.

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