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Event Review: AXIOM

The Electronic Music Dance Conference

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“Holy shit, Axiom is tomorrow.” This was it, the moment we realized there was nothing more we could do, everything was in place, the presenters had all arrived, attendees had flown and driven from near and far - all that was left to do was turn on the studio lights. If you have ever spent a considerable amount of time planning for an event, there comes a point where it finally sinks in: It’s going to happen.

26 cities, 15 states and 3 countries. This was the attendee list for AXIOM: The Electronic Music Dance Conference, held on November 26, 2011 at Jamz Dance Studio in Pasedina, MD.

The idea of AXIOM came to fruition back in February of 2011 when DM members Relic and Code Red began formulating a way push the EDM dances Liquid and Digitz further. How can Digitz be a further influence to Finger Connect and vice versa? How can House Dance offer additional framework to the mobility of Liquid dancing? How can Cobra, snaking and waving offer a tangible influence to Liquid? How can we further push the legitimacy and foundation for our dances by broadening its reach beyond the boundary of just EDM culture? The answer; find some of the best dance dancers in their respective craft and stick them under one roof for an 8 hour workshop. Oh, and throw the first ever Finger Styles battle in at the end.

Workshops included talking seminars and dance instruction on styles and history of Snaking, Digitz, Animation, Robot, Popping, Baltimore Dance History, Finger Tutting, Finger Connect, Liquid & Waving. Instructors included, PopNTodd (Soulbotics Krew, West Coast Avengers, LXD), 3D (Kontrol Freakz), Esperonto (GroovMekanex), Ty Fingers (Next Level Squad, TM, DarkMatter), Tiny Love (Liquid Lights Crew, Vibe Elements, DarkMatter), Houdoken (DarkMatter), LP Eric (LPC, DarkMatter) and Code Red (LPC, DarkMatter).

Seeing everyone come together for the love of Liquid, Digitz (digits), Finger Tutting, Finger Connecting, illusion, and dance as a whole was awe inspiring. So many good dancers coming together to give and receive knowledge and love of their art, it’s hard to pin down one person to highlight. But the community of dancers that collectively converged on AXIOM; the vibe, the talent, the presentation, the people, the dance, the love; it was all so good and all so deep. We got deep, we got deep we got deep!

Axiom concluded with the first ever Finger Styles battle. Contestants were judged on their skill at styles such as Digitz (digits), Finger Connect and Finger Tutting. The contest was judged by Tiny Love, Ty Fingers and Code Red with the prize being given to Houdoken after a 3rd round tiebreaker!

To add a cherry on top, Dark Matter linked up with the Baltimore Music Collective to help host Midnight Mass at the legendary Paradox Night Club. What became the after party for all of the parties, included various DJ’s like Dark Matter' DJ jLush and friends BassphreaK, JennyGo and Equilies.

Here are a few of the recorded sets from Midnight Mass.

jLush ~ Midnight Mass set at the Paradox [The Official Axiom After Party] 11/26 by jLush AXIOM 11/26/11 Midnight Mass, Paradox, Baltimore, MD by jennygo EquaLies ~ Midnight Mass set at the Paradox [The Official Axiom After Party] 12/26 by Jake.Hale

AXIOM was a huge success. Attendees came in from all over the country and also saw visitors from Japan and the UK. It’s a testament to the dedication and strength that the liquid and Digitz (digits) dance community has.

DarkMatter would be remiss to not acknowledge the hard work of a tall skinny, vocal, unfiltered Chicagoan by the name of PlainWhite Tom. Two years ago he had an idea: Find a venue to bring together Liquid and Digitz (digits) practitioners from all over the US so that the dances had a forum to exchange ideas, knowledge and history. This concept set a precedence for what was possible by realizing the strength and continued growth of electronic music based dances.

You can view some event photos below or click here for the full album.


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