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Posted by Dark Matter on November 06, 2013 | 0 Comments

We've been a bit quiet on our blog lately as we have been prepareing hardcore for our upcoming event, The Mothership Featuring DC Breaks and the Freestylers and Axiom the 3rd Annual All Finger Styles Contest.  So we thought it would only be beffitting to make some noise by interviewing fellow finger style practitioner, CTut

Dark Matter's, Shenchi, recently linked up with CTut to get an inside look into the who's, the what's, the where's and all the weird things in between, that drives his passion for the art of finger styles.


Name: Chase Lindsey 

Dance Name: CTut

City/State: Currently living in the bay area of California repping Alabama

Age: 19

Core Dance Styles: Face Tutting, Popping, Concept artist

Where to CTut:

Instagram/Twitter: @ChasingCTut

Years Dancing: 6 years, 4 years Tutting

Influence for finger tutting: I remember the first finger tut to ever catch my eye was this guy doing a basic finger wave on this old dance site called DanceJam. I thought it was so amazing but finger tutting was never a big thing in Alabama were I lived. After about two years I had a good foundation but I was tired of seeing the same tuts and tutorials online and so I decided I wanted to do something different. I just didn't know what it would be at the time.

Overall dance influence? I didn't have anyone teach me how to dance growing up. All I really had was a little white boy rhythm and my best friend Camara Flannigan who I would session with almost every weekend for about 4 years. We were so horrible starting off but we pushed each other to he point where we were some of the best. However we decided we were tired of doing the same thing as everyone else in our area. We were inspired by dancers like Phillip Chbeeb, Rubber Legs, and many dancers from the bay area of California because they all stood out and showed that there is more to dancing than just feeling the music. They showed us the art and creativity factor to dancing. I would watch them and think about how amazing it would be to create your own moves and inspire people to do the same and so then thats when my dreams of doing so formed together.

Where do you draw inspiration for you style from? I draw inspiration from, life, art, and people. I think Bruce Lee said it best when he said "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own." You have to find what makes you different and stick with it. What starts off as a awkward funny move can evolve into a unique and innovative dance style. I always had crazy animated facial expressions so thats what gave me the first thought of dancing with my face. But as you can imagine the first attempts looked pretty silly. Over time I gained more muscle control over my face, mastered finger tutting, and found many unexplored dimensions and angles to set me from the rest. Thats when my face tutting and animation styles were born.

Why did you love to pursue dance? and why the bay area? I left all my family and friends to pursue my dance career in California because its my dream; I've never wanted anything more. I chose to come to the bay area because its my second home and in my opinion, is home to the most creative dancers. Once I got to a certain level of creativity in Alabama, I didn't have anyone there to motivate me to continue to progress. I felt like the best way to get better was to surround myself with dancers more creative than me and more skillful. Not for me to take their moves or ideas but to remind me there is always room to progress and always more to create.

Does your style have a name? Yes. Face tutting, and face animation. Let me explain the difference. Face tutting, (very similar to Tiny Love's style of face masking) is made up of finger tutting but incorporates stationary parts of the face like the tongue, ears, and eyes. Face animation can be used with tutting or waving and popping styles as well and is more focused on creating illusions with facial muscle control of the lips, eye brows and jaw.

Can you explain what sets your style apart? What obviously sets my style apart is that my tutting foundation revolves around my face. However, Tiny love (A pioneer to the finger tutting game) has a similar style he calls "Face Masking". When I had first put out face tutting I had never seen or heard of Tiny Love's style of face tutting, I had only seen maybe one finger tutting video. Later, it was brought to my attention after I claimed to be the creator of the style. Tiny and I wanted to show unity to the tutting scene so I agreed to respect the fact that he was the first one to think of the style and he agreed to respect the fact that I thought of it on my own as well and added something different. What separates Tiny's style of digital face masking from my style of Face tutting and animation is that he tuts around his face and I move and Incorporate mine. What makes me different is that I use my lips, eyes, tongue, eyebrows, ears, and jaw to create new angles, concepts, and illusions. Far more than just finger tutting and making masks.

Are there any other styles besides tutting you'd like to be known for? yes. Popping and other creative concepts I have in mind. Tutting was just an attention grabber and is only the beginning!

What kind of music do you prefer? I prefer to dance to music that matches my style... weird and different. But ill get down to anything!

If you could pick any city to travel to in the world for dance what would it be? As much as I'd love to answer this question I cant.The whole world is amazing and I want to see it all. 

If you could pick one dancer to have a friendly exchange with: I'd probably say Phillip Pacman Chbeeb. He was the first one to show me real creativity and has always been an inspiration to go after my dream.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully traveling, showing the world what Ive made, and inspiring others to do the same.

Words of wisdom: You were born original, don't die a copy.

Shout outs: To Camara Flannigan, my amazing family, and of course, Dark Matter Squad.

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