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Liquid Kevin

Posted by Dark Matter on May 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Last year's Axiom: The Electronic Music Dance Conference, brought together dancers from all over the United States. Remarkably, we were also blessed by several international guests. Of them was Liquid Kevin. A Japan native, currently residing in the UK, Kevin hopped a plane, linked up with Dark Matter Squad, and for the first time, met many of the dancers only once known within a virtual world of YouTube video sharing and message boards.

Liquid Kevin continues to progress at the dance styles of Liquid and Digits, along with many forms of popping, waving, cobra, robot etc. We are honored to know him, to have met in person and look forward to see him stealing faces on the international front in the future.

The videos below show Kevin doing his thing and also feature other liquid dancers including Falsify (St. Louis) and Cham (Japan).


Liquid Kevin
Liquid Kevin

Name: Toshio Kevin Walton

Dance Name: Liquid Kevin.

Crew Affiliations: The Phase Transition

City/State: Originally from Tokyo, Japan. Now in London UK

Age: 24

Core Dance Styles: Liquid & Digitz (Digits)

Years Dancing: 6 Years for Liquid

Where to Find Liquid Kevin:


My Inspiration Comes From: My most inspiration comes from music. Most of the time I just listen to music and just let my body flow to the music. I love all kind of EDM, like Techno, Trance, D&B, House etc... And each music gives me different inspiration. I also get inspiration from watching SciFi movies like Starwars. Sets me into a creative mind set every time I watch them.


What Got You into Liquid Dancing and Finger Styles? The first liquid dance I ever saw was LPE’s arcade clip. I founded it on the internet randomly when I was searching for videos of poppin. Then later I found out about LPC and their tutorial videos, which I learned most of my basics from.


Other Dancers that Influence Me Are: There are too many to name but I will try to narrow it down. For liquid: LPE, D-strange, Distortion, Frequency and Tiny love. From other style: Poppin Taco, Boogie Frantick, Wave-O-matic and Skywalker. They are only a few examples of my main influences, like I said in the beginning, there are too many to name.


Liquid Kevin Tokyo Tower

Falsify & Liquid Kevin | LIQUID DANCE | Europe

The Phase Transition (CHAM and KEVIN)

Liquid Kevin




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