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Congrats Liquid Kevin

StageMe.com Liquid & Digits Winner

Posted by LPE on March 06, 2013 | 0 Comments

I wanted to formally congratulate Liquid Kevin for his inspiring performance during stageme.com’s Liquid & Digitz Originals volume 1 competition. I also wanted to break down why I picked Kevin out of the other potentials in the competition.

#1 This will seem like a no brainer but he did 99% liquid and digitz in the video he submitted for the competition. This might seem self explanatory but a lot of the other videos incorporated more finger tutting and other finger styles more than focusing on the Liquid and Digitz itself. The other styles are dope but outside the scope of this contest.

#2 Technique and form. This can't be overstated that body posture while doing Liquid and Digitz is important to helping you maintain the overall illusion. He also did not sacrifice his illusions for “moves” per say. He kept it concise and fluid while utilizing most of the space he chose to dance in.

3# Musicality. DANCING with his Liquid and Digitz! Making me feel and see what the music is trying to express. Kevin did that very well and followed the mood of the song he chose.

I also want to thank everyone who submitted a video for judging and putting yourself out there! Its hard to take something that is very personal for most people and have someone outside judge it. Remember guys the end game of all this is to have fun and commune with people. The internet has allowed for dancers all over the world to connect via mediums such as youtube and now new groundbreaking sites like stageme.com. Keep it up everyone and remember to go out and support actual events that promote community in dance! Lord knows there is enough stuff in this world dividing us already!

Congratulations again Liquid Kevin!

One love



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