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Welcome Johnii to DM!

Vogue & Waacking & Oh My!

Written by: Dark Matter on January 08, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the induction of our newest member into Dark Matter Squad. Johnii brings with him over 13 years of dance experience, with a core disciplines in Vogue and Waccking. He has performed and choreographed for some of the world’s largest dance events and maintained membership amongst the most respected Houses within the Vogue communities. Since his first per... + more input

Johnii 11

Dancer Highlight v.9


Written by: Dark Matter on November 06, 2013

Dark Matter's, Shenchi, recently linked up with CTut to get an inside look into the who's, the what's, the where's and all the weird things in between, that drives his passion for the art of finger styles. + more input

ctuttriclops cover

Dark Matter Japan Grows!

Nari Digitz & Liquid Kevin Join DM!

Written by: Dark Matter on July 02, 2013

Dark Matter Squad is honored to be able to announce the induction of both Nari Digitz and Liquid Kevin to the DM Family! Nari and Kevin exemplify the art, passion and dedication of true finger styles and liquid practitioners. + more input


Dark Matter is now Global

Cham tapped to lead DM Japan Chapter

Written by: Dark Matter on April 16, 2013

Cham will be spearheading the Japan Chapter of Dark Matter Squad, taking a lead role in Chapter growth, crew initiatives and spreading information about EDM based dances into the Japanese region. + more input


Congrats Liquid Kevin

StageMe.com Liquid & Digits Winner

Written by: LPE on March 06, 2013

I wanted to formally congratulate Liquid Kevin for his inspiring performance during stageme.com’s Liquid & Digitz Originals volume 1 competition. I also wanted to break down why I picked Kevin out of the other potentials in the competition.

#1 This will seem like a no brainer but he did 99% liquid and digitz in the video he submitted for the comp... + more input


Eet is Here!

BLock Party Line up Announced!

Written by: Dark Matter on February 19, 2013

Finally! We get to lambast you with everything we have regarding Block Party. Well, almost. But the most crucial is upon us. The mutha funkin lineup! + more input


DM Sessions

Houdoken v.2

Written by: Dark Matter on February 06, 2013

Part two of Houdoken's session. Hope you enjoy! Also, Stage Me voting has begun for the Liquid and Digits contest! Please take a moment to check out the entries and place your votes! + more input


Dancer Highlight v.8

Johnii Ninja

Written by: Code Red on January 14, 2013

Residing in Washington, DC, one of the many thriving dance scenes in the US, is an unsuspecting bundle of knowledge and talent known to many as Johnii Ninja. I first came across Johnii at a local battle in DC called ESS3. After seeing him get down there and than a few more times at events like "Four Hours of Funk" in Baltimore, it was clear this guy was well versed and studied in his dance arts. + more input


DM Sessions

Houdoken v.1

Written by: Dark Matter on January 08, 2013

Dropping you all a short digits session by Houdoken! Be on the look out for more clips by Houdoken and the DMS! + more input


Annihilating Rhythm 4

DJ 2Rip: Free Download

Written by: Dark Matter on December 21, 2012

Thank god the end of the world called out sick today. DJ 2Rip has just dropped his fourth installment of Annihalating Rhythm. Check out this free 70 minute monstar truck rally of cheek wobbling drum & bass, drumstep, electro and progressive shananagins. + more input


Jam For Sandy: Review

An Amazing Show of Support!

Written by: Dark Matter on December 20, 2012

On December 15, 2012, Mike "Dynamike" Chau hosted a benefit jam for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, "Jam for Sandy: Charity Jam for New York Cares, Hurricane Sandy Relief!" Proceeds went to the "New York Cares" Charity. The contests included Bboy 2v2 and All Styles 1v1 battles. When we say the northeast and beyond showed up...Dayum, we ain't lying. + more input


More Villains Join DM Empire

Welcome Hoopnosis and BassphreaK

Written by: Dark Matter on December 18, 2012

You hear from us all the time, DarkMatter for supporting ALL facets of the EDM scene, not just dancing. With that said we're pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - bassphreaK and Hoopnosis. Both staunch supporters of what DarkMatter is trying and has been achieving. We’re especially excited for these additions because it’s another DJ and and Object Maipulator. + more input


Thien Thu Quan Am

Thousand Hand Guan Yin

Written by: Dark Matter on November 30, 2012

As practicitioners of liquid and digits, seeing this video for the first time does nothing but make us wonder what could be possible with so many hands! This video is just simply breathtaking. Behind the amazing precision and beauty exists one single amazing fact. All 63 performers are deaf and are part of hte China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. As you watch this, try to really think about the de... + more input


Thunderdome Recap!

Highlights, Vids, Music and More!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 13, 2012

The entire Thunderdome experience was one like no other, from beginning to end. Our combined teams gave every aspect of the event 110%, from coming up with the concept, decor, promotions, and sheer will and determination to give Baltimore one of the best damn parties it has seen in a long time! + more input


Funky Magic Mike

Bionic, MonstaPop, PopNTod, Playboy Stix

Written by: Dark Matter on October 23, 2012

Here's a fun video produced and edited by AK and Directed by Will Kong. Even though the concept is by Bionic, Something tells us the underwear idea was PopNTod's with MonstaPop being a good sport! + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Bruce & Gator vs Nelson & Franqey

Written by: Dark Matter on October 11, 2012

So many amazing dance battles come out of Juste Debout. Hell, its one of the largest competitions in the world, what do you expect! This popping battle is between Bruce Ykanji (founder of Juste Debout) and Gator vs Nelson and Franqey. All four of these guys are beasts. The exchanges get rather heated, but take note the sportsmanship and respect given after the battle ends. + more input


Houba Dance

With A Dash of Salah

Written by: Dark Matter on October 08, 2012

Salah is well known for having more bendable limbs than most species discovered to date. In fact if he met Gumby, it would probably lead to one epic battle. Salah has been touring with Cirque de Solel since 2011 for Michael Jackson's Immortal Tour. We stumbled across this video recently called "Houba Dance" which is part of a French film called Sur la piste du Marsupilami. We could be wrong, but if we had ... + more input


DJ Shadow

Interview by The Cut

Written by: Dark Matter on September 12, 2012

Probably the king of record digging, DJ Shadow is a master on a set of turntables, and an innovator in sound sampling. Here is an hour long interview we came across produced by The Cut. + more input


Tutorials v.5

Funky Lia

Written by: Dark Matter on September 07, 2012

We are kind of hot and heavy over these YakFilms tutorials. Right now, they are bringing some of the best tutorial shorts out there. This is on top of their stellar filming of battles, major events, and showcases on individual dancers. + more input


Anton & Two Face

Be Water My Friend

Written by: Dark Matter on September 06, 2012

This video right hurr is a create and fairly out of the box (or grid if your a tutting nerd) way of showing off the talents of Germany's "Two Face" and Sweden's "Anton." Maybe we should all practice on a boat. Why not? Without digressing too far, we can definitely get into their digits like use of fingers integrated into their tutting. + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Greenteck/Devious vs Baby Bang/Spazm

Written by: Dark Matter on September 05, 2012

This battle was kinda fire! Big ups to all four of these guys, but my goodness was Spazm on another planet for this one. From the Streetstar 2012 Popping Finals & Juste Debout Prelims, enjoy this ruckus by Greenteck & Devious vs Baby Bang & Spazm. + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Dance for peace and love

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on August 31, 2012

We wanted to come up with something clever to say about this video. but do we really need to? How would you battle this? + more input


Utah Saints

Something Good '08

Written by: Dark Matter on August 31, 2012

If I say do the running man, how many of you will take me seriously? Well, if I was the dude in this video telling you to, I would say you should probably listen up! Utah Saints dropped this video awhile back, but the coordinated use of the running man is pretty amazing. Add some eye candy, interesting looking locals, and rando bar in the UK, somewhere you'll probably never end up at, and you got a typical... + more input


Silent Screams


Written by: Dark Matter on August 27, 2012

Kai is well known in the liquid and digits dance community for his video production talent and integration of a style known as Levers. Prior to moving to California, Kai made significant contributions to the community by helping found Floasis, a Chicago born online community group that focused on promoting and archiving the advancement of Liquid and Digits + more input


Tutorials v.4


Written by: Dark Matter on August 23, 2012

We haven't done a whole ton on locking lately, so here is a nice tutorial by Firelock, produced by YAKFILMS.  Firelock is undoubtedly one of the worlds best lockers. We also dropped a ridiculous routine by him and Hurrikane at the end. Buckle up your seat belts and loosen your wedgies, this video is tight! + more input


A-Trak Short Cuts

Ghosts N' Stuff Routine

Written by: Dark Matter on August 23, 2012

Let's be short and sweet here. A-Trak is the fucking shit! Check out this cut up of Deadmau5's "Ghost N' Stuff". Let's just thank God that his wizard beiard didn't tangle on deck. + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

FW vs MonstaPop

Written by: Dark Matter on August 15, 2012

Finals battle between FW and MonstaPop at The Block Party. Who do you think won? We are definitely loving what's up in Montreal right now. So many good dancers coming up out of there. + more input


Korea's Got Soul!

R-16 Showcase

Written by: Dark Matter on August 08, 2012

They have soul, wires, gears and a remote to adjust their speed. Check out these dudes from Korea's R-16 competition. Rest of the world, you better watch your backs! + more input


Dancefloor Fistacuffs

Lionz of Zion vs Knuckleheads-Cali

Written by: Dark Matter on August 03, 2012

Let's talk about what happens when things appear so wrong, they are oh so right. This battle is between Lions of Zions and the Knuckleheads. However, if you walked into this venue at the start of this battle you probably would have felt more like you walked into some weird corner of Hunter S. Thompson's brain and of awkward proportions. + more input


Tutorials v.3

Waving, Snaking & Cobra

Written by: Dark Matter on August 02, 2012

Since we have been on the waving, snaking and cobra tip lately, we wanted to drop some great breakdowns by dancers on how to perform various techniques in these styles. Each lesson uses the same core principles in the respective style, but the beauty in it is the different interpretations and personal approaches in conveying and teaching it both verbally and physically. + more input



Liquid Kevin

Written by: Dark Matter on August 01, 2012

Recently Liquid and Digits dancer "Liquid Kevin" dropped a new video simply called, "Bench." He combines the art of Liquid and Digits with snaking, cobra and robot, while pulling off some great speed control. We love to see new videos come out of this caliber as it is a testament to the dedication the EDM culture is putting into their art form. Check it out! + more input


Class is in Session

The Lockers, Reo Robot, Dre, Taco

Written by: Dark Matter on August 01, 2012

As artists, it is important to continually explore your roots, while learning about how to become "you."  We inspire from what those before us have innovated, accomplished and passed along. Like it or not, you are and will always be borrowing from something before you. This is a small homage post to some of the most influential pioneers in the urban dance arenas.  Expect more of this kind to come down the... + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Tiny vs Future

Written by: Dark Matter on July 25, 2012

Back in July 2011 at Stepyagameup, Tiny Love (Dark Matter/Liquid Lights) and Future (Urban Artistry) had one hell of an exchange. The exchange went off during one of the battle intermissions. It went for so long that the host had to actually get on the mic and have them stop so the battles could continue! This exchange, as Future notes on the YouTube video was "All dance and no talk....leading by example." ... + more input


Waving, Cobra, Snaking

Jr Boogaloo

Written by: Dark Matter on July 20, 2012

If you follow Jr. Boogaloo, you know he is identifiable by some of the most unique tutting out there. But he is also one of the best and most creative at the cobra, snaking and waving styles. Here a couple videos of Jr. Boogaloo getting down. + more input


Where Where You at 7y/o?

Poppin John and Ariah aka BabyWockee

Written by: Dark Matter on July 20, 2012

Check out this clip of Poppin John (Soulbotics Krew) and the adorable, cypher killer, Ariah AKA BabyWockee. This little girl can get it in for sure. All you dancers out there better keep an out for this her, no question she's got what it takes! + more input


Digits Framework Discussion

Houdoken // Axiom 2011

Written by: Dark Matter on July 19, 2012

At Axiom 2011, Dark Matter's Houdoken gave a lecture, along with visual demonstrations on several theories, concepts and techniques he had been experimenting with during that year. In this video, he discusses triangle-space finger techniques for Digits and the concept of the triangle grid vs the square grid. He ended with with unveiling of Dimensionality framework (1 point flow, 2 point flow and 3 point flo... + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Greenteck vs Slim Boogie

Written by: Dark Matter on July 19, 2012

This battle is from Chaos Unleased III. Its the Finals battle between Greenteck and Slim Boogie. The musicality between these two is astonishing. Enjoy this beast of a battle! + more input


The V Motion Project

We live in a Computer World!

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on July 19, 2012

We won't lie. We are jealous, envious, and seriously considered getting locked up just to sneak into the vault that this baby is stored in just to have a go at it! This amazing project combined musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators who collectively put together one of the more amazing audio/visual symphonies of awesomeness we have yet to see. Our hats are tipped! We are inspired! + more input


Dj Craze

How to Crush the Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Written by: Dark Matter on July 18, 2012

Sure, this video is from March 2011. But holy what the moly! 5 times DMC Wolrd Champion Dj Craze simply anhialates it on the Traktor Scratch Pro 2. + more input


Tutorials v.2

Mr Wiggles // Animatronics

Written by: Dark Matter on July 18, 2012

Legendary dancer, Mr. Wiggles breaks down a technique called Animatronics in this tutorial segment. Mr. Wiggles is a world renowned pioneer and advocate for urban dance styles. He is also one of the earliest inspirations of the original Liquid Pop Collective to pursue popping styles. + more input


Les Twins

World of Dance 2010

Written by: Dark Matter on July 17, 2012

The Les Twins, whom hail out of Sarcelles, France, have been making noise in the dance circuit for quite a few years now. There are plenty of vids of them out there but this one from the World of Dance in 2010, is and will probably remain as one of the most iconic examples of what the Les Twins are capable of. + more input


Music is Powerful

The Story of Henry

Written by: Dark Matter on July 16, 2012

Anyone who dances, DJ's, produces, or just listens to music knows how powerful it can be. In just seconds a song can invoke emotion and feelings inside of you, completely changing your mood. This amazing video is the story of Henry, an elderly man within a nursing home, who "lights up" the moment he begins listening to music form his era. + more input


Dance Floor Fistacuffs

Kapu vs Luigi

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on July 13, 2012

Since we are a dance based blog, we only found it fitting to start digging out more videos. This blog is all about the battle. We will be highlighting some of the best battles we come accross. Since we haven't really covered much bboying why not kick off this new topic with this battle from Red Bull in 2010 with Kapu vs. Luigi. + more input


Tutorials v.1


Written by: Dark Matter on July 10, 2012

Time to get your learn on! This blog topic is all about tutorials and lessons. We will be using these entries to highlight various online tutorials, ranging from foundational concepts all the way to the WTF category! First up is Salah! + more input


Dancer Highlight v.7


Written by: on June 19, 2012

Tiev is most noted for his footwork, sharp isolations, unique competition dance names, origami skills and far out gear. It’s no surprise that when he begins dancing his movement captivates onlookers. He maintains a fresh character, a special wit and humor, and an undeniable presence of internal personality. + more input


Dancer Highlight v.6

Liquid Kevin

Written by: Dark Matter on May 30, 2012

Liquid Kevin continues to progress at the dance styles of Liquid and Digits, along with many forms of popping, waving, cobra, robot etc. We are honored to know him, to have met in person and look forward to see him stealing faces on the international front in the future. + more input


The Rave Scene Funnies v.3


Written by: Dark Matter on May 22, 2012

Awwwwe yeeeah! We're back with another edition of the rave scene funnies. Fasten your Tiger backpack, strap on your fuzzy boots and tighten your binkie! We're about to make it rain glowsticks up in herrr! + more input


Dancer Highlight

Liquid Rush

Written by: Dark Matter on May 21, 2012

16,000 miles away, and according to Google, a possible 6,635 mile kayak across the Pacific Ocean (at least you pass through Hawaii), is a guy most of Dark Matter Squad, and the old LPC has known for quite some time now; Liquid Rush. + more input


Dark Matter Tutorial v.2

Fixed 45s // Digits

Written by: Dark Matter on May 17, 2012

Dark Matter's Houdoken is well known for extending the vocabulary of Digits (Digitz) by exploring new concepts to share. In this tutorial he speaks about a digit technique called Fixed 45s. + more input


Dark Matter Tutorial v.1

Fans // Digits

Written by: Dark Matter on May 17, 2012

In this tutorial Houdoken breaks down the technique of Fans used within Digits. Fans utilize close coordination with each finger in which the movement mimics that of a chinese fan being opened and closed. + more input


Dancer Highlight v.4

Tommy Von Flowington III

Written by: Dark Matter on May 08, 2012

Chicago resident, Tommy Von Flowington, III, is no lightweight in the Liquid dance community. Over the last 6 years, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to watch him grow as a dancer and practitioner of Liquid and Digits. It was apparent when we first came across this guy, that he had “it”. By “it” we mean a formidable concept of the driving principle of Liquid; Flow. + more input


Dancer Highlight v.3

Mark Flux

Written by: Dark Matter on May 01, 2012

Mark Flux is a good friend to many of us here in the DMV and can often be seen competing, teaching, judging, joining us at a master workshop or getting down at the club. His expertise in understanding musicality is evident in the precise timing of his movements. Mark fuses robot, boogaloo, animation and other styles together, creating an off balance/unique approach in his movement. + more input

dooza meCrop

The Rave Scene Funnies v.2

Comical Humor and Satire

Written by: Dark Matter on April 26, 2012

Smack the Raver: Yes, someone went there. This flash game is probably going to remain a timeless gem forever to be discovered, no matter how hard we try to forget it even existed! "Do you know where the glowstick stand is?" Sorry iPhone users, this baby is was built in Flash before there where even iPhones. + more input


Dancer Highlight v.2

Storyboard P

Written by: Dark Matter on April 25, 2012

This week's dancer highlight is Storyboard P. With a broad knowledge in both underground/urban dance styles and modern/contemporary movement, Storyboard P, defies the physics of balance and gravity. We recently asked him a few questions about his style and background and obtained a few videos which he recommended to us. Here is another great example of a dancer that integrates various styles and movements ... + more input


Dancer Highlight v.1


Written by: Dark Matter on April 18, 2012

This new blog topic is about discovering and showing you other dancers, who are at times, a little less known to the masses, but come with a unique and identifiable style. Some of you may know the dancers we will be posting up here, and some of you may never have heard of them. Either way, our intention is to offer you some great videos we come across that we think you too can find as a helpful influence, o... + more input


The Rave Scene Funnies

Comical Humor and Satire v.1

Written by: LP Eric on April 17, 2012

his blog entry has been created with the sole purpose of tickling your funny bone with a wide array of rave satire I know you will enjoy. Some of these items are straight up hilarious and some are just plain wrong. + more input


Beat Box Battle Highlights

World Championship 2012

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on April 06, 2012

Scouring the interwebs, we came across this 4 part highlight reel covering various artists from the Beatbox Battle World Championships. Enjoy! + more input


Event Review

Manifest // Archaic Revival

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on March 08, 2012

On February 25, 2012, Dark Matter Squad attended Manifest's Archaic Revival at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. We had such an amazing time, met so many awesome and very talented people, and even broke out our retro, Disco Bot suits. Below is a video recently released by Manifest highlighting the event. The video is produced by William Blucher with music provided by SugarPill, who might I add, killed it at Archaic... + more input


Event Review: AXIOM

The Electronic Music Dance Conference

Written by: on December 09, 2011

26 cities, 15 states and 3 countries. This was the attendee list for AXIOM: The Electronic Music Dance Conference, held on November 26, 2011 at Jamz Dance Studio in Pasedina, MD. If you have ever spent a considerable amount of time planning for an event, there comes a point where it finally sinks in: It’s going to happen. + more input


New Dark Matter Members

Ty Fingers & Tiny Love

Written by: on December 02, 2011

DarkMatter is pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - Tiny Love and TY Fingers. Both of these individuals embody the true meaning of artists - possessing the ability to not only create applicable dance theory, but also apply it well - very well. + more input


Event Review

No Excuses All Styles Battle

Written by: Code Red on November 07, 2011

On Sunday, October 23, 2011, I had the humbling opportunity to judge at No Excuses, and all styles competition at the Dance Connection in Chicago at the Dance Connection dance studio. No Excuses was put together by ally and friend Plainwhite Tom, and this guy's hard work did not disappoint. + more input


I'd Rather Be Dancing v.4

Fingers Fingers Everywhere

Written by: Relic on November 04, 2011

I’ve been brainstorming a couple of themes for this weeks video roundup but diverted back to the finger styles. Seems like not only are there more videos coming out but the overall quality and skill level in them is as well (I’m running into a lot of these thru facebook groups). Finger Tut, Finger Connect, Digitz... shit is hoppin! So glad to see these styles in a lot of cultures outside of EDM. + more input


New Dark Matter Video

Big Dub Roundup Video

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on September 26, 2011

We are stoked to drop this new video promo for Dark Matter Squad. On September 15th, we went to Big Dub Candy Mountain, thrown by B.A.D.A.S.S Raves and Slo Kids, and had an opportunity to take some footage of us performing, teaching and getting down. If you haven't had a chance to read our review of the event, we definitely recommend it. These guys know how to throw an event, and we highly recommend not mi... + more input


Event Review: BDCM

Big Dub Candy Mountain!

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on September 25, 2011

So, Where to begin? Let’s just start off by saying this event was absolutely magical. Great vibe, lovely people, fun tunes, beautiful location, kind groundskeepers, warm drum circles and clean bathrooms (3 days of camping makes this is very important!). A perpetual adventure - all of it, fantastic! If you weren’t there, you seriously missed out on an amazing experience. Yes, “you had to be there!” + more input


Box Full of Influence v.1

Robot Invasion

Written by: Code Red on August 30, 2011

I will admit, I am not a digger. I wish that I had the time to scour the interwebs for music, videos, gifs and the like. But sometimes, I do get on a kick and this week, I had robot on the brain. I have a rather large affinity for robots and I know, I am not alone on this. + more input


It Never Looks Good Enough

Achieve “IT” thru Creative Development

Written by: Lucas aka "Relic" on August 11, 2011

I often let my wife know how I feel about my personal development in dance after each practice. I’ve noticed my thoughts on progression usually gravitate towards a reoccurring theme: I’m still not there, it doesn’t look good enough yet, I’m nowhere near my goals, so much more practice is needed, UGH!, etc...Here’s an excerpt from Ira Glass on this type of struggle. He’s discussing writing and st... + more input