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DM Adds 3 New Members!

Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix, Mina Bear

Written by: Dark Matter on September 24, 2014

Dark Matter is pleased to announce our newest members to the Squad; Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix and Mina Bear! Each new member brings a select set of skills, from hooping, fire, b-girl, hip hop, waacking and more, to further broaden Dark Matter's performance team and overall artistic diversity. Our newest members not only strengthen our core group of dancers and performers, but also bolsters our female con... + more input


Thien Thu Quan Am

Thousand Hand Guan Yin

Written by: Dark Matter on November 30, 2012

As practicitioners of liquid and digits, seeing this video for the first time does nothing but make us wonder what could be possible with so many hands! This video is just simply breathtaking. Behind the amazing precision and beauty exists one single amazing fact. All 63 performers are deaf and are part of hte China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. As you watch this, try to really think about the de... + more input


Beatbox EDM Style

Dave Crowe of Heymoonshaker

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on April 19, 2012

We have all seen the likes of Rahzel and Dougy Fresh. Recently we even posted some crazy highlights of the World Beatbox Championship from 2012. But what do you get when you drop extreme beatbox talent into the world of EDM. You get this freaking guy: Dave Crowe. Actually, it would be unfair to say he is an EDM beatbox artist. Dave Crowe covers it all working as a duo Beatbox/Blues group called Heymoonshake... + more input


DarkMatter Pick of the Week

Minnesota + Sugarpill

Written by: on February 21, 2012

Since MANIFEST’s last noteworthy party, with headliner Tipper, the production crew has thrown a few warehouse parties intermittently in order to continue to build its growing fan base in addition to bringing more progressive acts including Vibesquad. However, next up in this series of high production events is “Archaic Revival” featuring northern California’s Minnesota with supporting acts Sugarpill... + more input


It Never Looks Good Enough

Achieve “IT” thru Creative Development

Written by: Lucas aka "Relic" on August 11, 2011

I often let my wife know how I feel about my personal development in dance after each practice. I’ve noticed my thoughts on progression usually gravitate towards a reoccurring theme: I’m still not there, it doesn’t look good enough yet, I’m nowhere near my goals, so much more practice is needed, UGH!, etc...Here’s an excerpt from Ira Glass on this type of struggle. He’s discussing writing and st... + more input