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Welcome Johnii to DM!

Vogue & Waacking & Oh My!

Written by: Dark Matter on January 08, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the induction of our newest member into Dark Matter Squad. Johnii brings with him over 13 years of dance experience, with a core disciplines in Vogue and Waccking. He has performed and choreographed for some of the world’s largest dance events and maintained membership amongst the most respected Houses within the Vogue communities. Since his first per... + more input

Johnii 11

DM Adds 3 New Members!

Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix, Mina Bear

Written by: Dark Matter on September 24, 2014

Dark Matter is pleased to announce our newest members to the Squad; Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix and Mina Bear! Each new member brings a select set of skills, from hooping, fire, b-girl, hip hop, waacking and more, to further broaden Dark Matter's performance team and overall artistic diversity. Our newest members not only strengthen our core group of dancers and performers, but also bolsters our female con... + more input


Japan DM Adds New Member

Masaya "Knit" Maeda

Written by: Dark Matter on May 12, 2014

Dark Matter is proud to announce the induction of our newest member, Masaya "Knit" Maeda! Knit has a long history within the Japanese Hip Hop culture that goes back to 1996 when he first began as a Bboy. Currently, Knit works for ADHP promotion company and is a writer for Japan's largest underground/urban based magazines, "Dance Delight". + more input


Welcome New DM Members!

Eastcoast to Far Eastcoast!

Written by: Dark Matter on January 22, 2014

We are at it again! Please join us in welcoming Hydrosphere (Knoxville, TN), DJ Nysus (Philladelphia, PA), Ryoga (Japan), DJ SaintLike ( Fear & Loathing, VA ), DJ Throdown (DC). Blessed with the ability to interact, befriend and collaboarate with some of the worlds best music and DJ talent, we are excited to drop this announcement that includes the induction of 2 new dancers and 3 DJ artists. + more input


The Mothership has Landed

DarkMatter & Symbiotic's Newest Journey

Written by: DarkMatter on September 18, 2013

DarkMatter and Symbiotic are at it again!  This time taking you to the outter edges of space to find the most funky kind!  November 30th at the legendary Paradox Night Club, Baltimore USA is ground zero for the landing of The Mothership!  We are very excited to also have the gracious support from UFO Jeans for this event.  Prizes for our 1st and 2nd place winners of the All Finger Styles contest an... + more input


Dark Matter Japan Grows!

Nari Digitz & Liquid Kevin Join DM!

Written by: Dark Matter on July 02, 2013

Dark Matter Squad is honored to be able to announce the induction of both Nari Digitz and Liquid Kevin to the DM Family! Nari and Kevin exemplify the art, passion and dedication of true finger styles and liquid practitioners. + more input


Dance Delight Interview!

Code Red Invades Japan

Written by: Dark Matter on June 22, 2013

Recently, Code Red sat down with Masaya "Bboy Knit" Maeda of Dance Delight Magazine for an interview on Liquid and Digits. As Japan's largest and most reputable dance magazine and production company, this opportunity was by far one of the the broadest platforms of exposure for our culture to regarding the history and progeression of these EDM dances. + more input

CR square

Dark Matter is now Global

Cham tapped to lead DM Japan Chapter

Written by: Dark Matter on April 16, 2013

Cham will be spearheading the Japan Chapter of Dark Matter Squad, taking a lead role in Chapter growth, crew initiatives and spreading information about EDM based dances into the Japanese region. + more input


Eet is Here!

BLock Party Line up Announced!

Written by: Dark Matter on February 19, 2013

Finally! We get to lambast you with everything we have regarding Block Party. Well, almost. But the most crucial is upon us. The mutha funkin lineup! + more input


Liquid & Digits Contest


Written by: Dark Matter Squad on January 30, 2013

Stage Me, the newest in online virtual video contests amongst friends and the world has partnered up with Dark Matter Squad to bring you their first Liquid and Digits contest! The contest is being judged by Dark Matter's Liquid Pop Eric! + more input

Screen shot 2013 01 30 at 11.44.08 AM

More Villains Join DM Empire

Welcome Hoopnosis and BassphreaK

Written by: Dark Matter on December 18, 2012

You hear from us all the time, DarkMatter for supporting ALL facets of the EDM scene, not just dancing. With that said we're pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - bassphreaK and Hoopnosis. Both staunch supporters of what DarkMatter is trying and has been achieving. We’re especially excited for these additions because it’s another DJ and and Object Maipulator. + more input


Gobble Gobble

Turkey, Stuffing, Family & Party News!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 21, 2012

Before you embark on your travels with the masses, politely sharing travel lines, kindly letting in the car in front of you, waving oh ever so politely (riiiight), we also wanted to share some exciting party news! + more input

Thanksgiving Day Roast Turkey 3 640x480

DM will be on the UA Show!

Listen to us Live, Friday at 11am!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 01, 2012

Dark Matter is honored to have been asked by Urban Artistry to sit in on their live internet radio show this Friday at 11:00am EST. We will be bringing silky, smooth Tiev with us to discuss Dark Matter's mission, the state of EDM culture, dances such as Liquid and Digits and of course the AXIOM WORKSHOPS & THUNDERDOME! + more input

Urban Artistry Show

Step Inside the Dome!

Theme, Performance, Contest Info!

Written by: Dark Matter on October 24, 2012

Ok post-apocalyptic ravers! Last week we gave you the DJ lowdown for Thunderdome. This week is your comprehensive guide to all of the shenanigans we have going on leading up to and during what will go down as one of the best parties you will attend this year! So much effort has gone into bringing you a unique, on-of-a-kind experience never done before at a party. So give this post a gander and see why Dark ... + more input


Thunderdome DJs

Your One Stop Audio Shop!

Written by: Veek on October 17, 2012

With Thunderdome quickly approaching, the anticipation amongst Dark Matter, Symbiotic and Mushmouth for putting on one beast of a production for you all continues to grow. We won’t say we have been giddy like a gaggle of schoolgirls, but we will tell you that our excitement-schwartz is as big as yours! + more input


2 Men Enter 1 Man Leaves!

Axiom Workshops and Thunderdome!

Written by: Dark Matter on September 04, 2012

Ladies and Gentelman: Be prepared for a mind blowing, ear loving, face stealing show. We are pleased to bring you 5 headliners of musical bliss and carnage: Elite Force, The Funk Hunters, Danny The Wildchild, Parallax & 2Rip along side 11 additional acts. You’re going to wish you had a clone to catch all of the sets. But wait there’s more! During the day, we will be offering a 5 hour smorgasbord of work... + more input


Chico Joins Dark Matter!

A well deserved induction!

Written by: Dark Matter on August 21, 2012

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the induction of long time friend, Chico Johnson, into Dark Matter Squad. Chico is no stranger to the EDM community and in fact he goes way back with many of us to the days of when we used to walk uphill, in the snow, barefoot, both ways, to attend parties and events. + more input


Axiom 2012

Workshop & Afterparty Update

Written by: Relic on July 31, 2012

Hey party people! Given the lack of information on Axiom so far, I wanted to give people a quick update on what we are planning and some other tidbits related to DarkMatter. + more input


DarkMatter Pick of the Week

Minnesota + Sugarpill

Written by: on February 21, 2012

Since MANIFEST’s last noteworthy party, with headliner Tipper, the production crew has thrown a few warehouse parties intermittently in order to continue to build its growing fan base in addition to bringing more progressive acts including Vibesquad. However, next up in this series of high production events is “Archaic Revival” featuring northern California’s Minnesota with supporting acts Sugarpill... + more input


New Dark Matter Members

Ty Fingers & Tiny Love

Written by: on December 02, 2011

DarkMatter is pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - Tiny Love and TY Fingers. Both of these individuals embody the true meaning of artists - possessing the ability to not only create applicable dance theory, but also apply it well - very well. + more input


Axiom After Party Info!

Midnight Mass at the Paradox!

Written by: on November 16, 2011

We are pleased to announce Midnight Mass, the official after party location for Axiom on November 26, 2011!! Midnight Mass, presented by the Baltimore Music Collective and a collaborative production between CWPR, The Baltimore City Ravers and Dark Matter Squad is being held at the legendary Paradox Night Club (The Dox) in Baltimore, MD. + more input


Axiom Event Details

Full Event Info Released!

Written by: Dark Matter Squad on November 09, 2011

Dark Matter is pleased to release the final details for Axiom: The Electronic Music Dance Conference! With only a little over 2 and half weeks to go we wanted to update you on schedule times, battle details and, for ticket holders; a secret squirrel private after-party! + more input


We are...Dark Matter

And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Written by: Lucas aka Relic on August 06, 2011

In an effort to bring dancing back to the masses we have decided to expand and embrace everything Electronic Dance Music (EDM) related. With such a move our squad has expanded (and continues to) as well as the amount and quality of content we plan on bringing you. Dark Matter is not a website run and operated by one person or a single train of thought; we are a collective group of individuals with very diff... + more input


It's Alive!

Dark Matter Website has Launched!

Written by: Jared aka Code Red on August 06, 2011

After some serious hard work from our team who have been busy writing content and slicing and dicing code, we are stoked to be launching our official website! We hope to offer you informative, rich content on things we feel are important, intriguing and inspirational to the electronic music dance culture through the use of our blog and knowledge base. + more input


DM Goes Candy!

Event: Big Dub Candy Mountain

Written by: Lucas aka Relic on July 27, 2011

On September 16th and 17th the Dark Matter Squad teams up with B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES to showcase and teach Liquid, Digitz and other knowledgeable urban dance styles to all those attending the 2011 Big Dub Candy Mountain Festival in Artemas, PA. In addition to showcasing and rocking circles all weekend long, the squad will be teaching a workshop at 3pm Saturday afternoon. + more input