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Artist Review: Arkist

Deep Beat Thoughts, By Lady Lush

Posted by Lady Lush on August 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

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ArkistWhile exploring the abyss of deep bass and the post-dubstep sound even further, I am very excited to document my recent discovery of a producer that goes by the name of Arkist. A couple weeks back, I was on turntable.fm when someone dropped a track of his called Fill Your Coffee and I immediately looked him up.

To give a little bit of a background about this fellow, I found out from another blog [hedmuk] which introduced him about a year ago that Arkist is from Bristol, UK (so THAT’S where all these sick sounds are coming from!?) and started making music when he was about 15 years of age. He was a rocker as well as a drum & bass lover at heart who soon became influenced by other deep bass heads coming up right in his hometown such as Komonazmuk, Gatekeeper, Wedge and of course Appleblim who liked his tunes so much he decided to get Arkist on his label. Two cuts of his were released by Apple Pips records [which were accurately described as "electronic breakbeat soul, & techy post-dubstep funk”] and let me tell you, I dig it SO much that I can’t decide which tune I love more, therefore, both tracks have been alternating on repeat for days as part of my music morning routine.

Released in June, Boomkat quickly sold out of this hot EP, but I’m think it will be back in stock soon. Trust me, its a must have if you’re into vinyl, but it is still available for digital download for those of you without tables.

Fill your coffee


Pretty good, eh-eh? :) I couldn’t get enough of his style, so I continued to dig and poke about and found some more funky grime jams (sounds gross, doesn’t it?) Released by Hotflush Recordings, “Vanilla Intimate” is smooth as butter, with deep bass & house elements.

Vanilla Intimate

SUBDDIGI016 Arkist

Here is a sample of an EP that came out last year from Subdepth Records who were kind enough to give a preview of all 4 tracks in just one click. The more you listen, the more his drum & bass influence is evident.

SUBDDIGI016 Arkist - Sexy Space Mother / The Devil's / Shellfish / Tripoli Blues by Subdepth Records

Purchase Sexy Space Mother on Beatport

… methinks Arkist’s future is a bright one... he better wear his shades.

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