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An Exclusive Mix by jLush

Presented by Expansion Broadcast

Posted by Lush on April 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

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Greetings, friends!  I am very excited to announce that Expansion Broadcast is featuring one of my new mixes that I made just for them.  Its amazing how people find each other through the love of music, I really only met these guys within the last couple of months yet I feel like I've known them forever.  How fortunate I have been to meet so many incredible people in the Future Bass scene.  In the last 9 months that I've been active through Turntable.fm I've met several like-minded bass heads, which has led to becoming more involved with more local events in assisting to cultivate and nurture the sound I love.. its wonderful to be able to make a direct impact in your own backyard.  

Inspiration coming in every direction... just paying it forward <3  I hope you enjoy :)

Stream the mix through exbc: Podcast 413: Lush [Dubstep]

Download here: Podcast 413 Lush - Download

Track List: 

  • Amberscape – Yuki-Onna [Noisy Mediation]
  • Martyn – All I have is Memories [Apple Pips]
  • Subreachers – 200g [Embassy Recordings]
  • Flame – Blue Lines (B Cloud Remix) [Aerial Vibes]
  • Sigha & Spherix – Separation [Immerse Records]
  • Ruckspin Ft. J Sparrow – Blessings [Pushing Red 0004]
  • Indigo – Osiris (Free DL)
  • Xxxy – Rain [Pollen Audio]
  • Controlled Kaos – The Key [Free DL/Dank N Dirty Dubz]
  • Myrkur & TMSV – Icarus [Hedmuk Exclusive DL]
  • Versa – Killah [Filthy Digital Recordings]
  • De Niro & Y Feat. Estel Luz – Gold (J Sparrow Remix) [NoMad Records]
  • Fornax – Phalanx [Hedmuk Exclusive]
  • Formless & Noman – Encounter [Soulstep Records]
  • Versa – Monsoon [Smokin' Sessions]
  • Epoxy – Breaking Bad [Free DL]
  • Desto – Cold VIP [Noppa Records]
  • Killawatt & Thelem – Joom [Free DL]
  • Indigo – Kind of Voodoo [X-Mas Freebee]
  • Blind Prophet – Rotate [Haunted Audio]
  • Synkro – Look at Yourself [Mindset Records]
  • Amberscape – Maerd [Noisy Mediation]
  • Dom HZ – Real [Subdepth]
  • DFRNT – Tripped (Ital Tek Remix) [Metafiction]
  • Instra:Mental – Forbidden [Apple Pips]
  • Cloud – Strings [Exceptional Records]
  • Amberscape – How I Loathe [Noisy Mediation]
  • Phaeleh – Mantra [Afterglo]
  • Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (Jack Sparrow Remix) [Exceptional Records]

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