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Welcome New DM Members!

Eastcoast to Far Eastcoast!

Posted by Dark Matter on January 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

We are at it again!  Blessed with the ability to interact, befriend and collaboarate with some of the worlds best Dance and DJ talent, we are excited to drop this announcement that includes the induction of 2 new dancers and 3 DJ artists.

Please join us in welcoming Hydrosphere (Knoxville, TN), DJ Nysus (Philladelphia, PA), Ryoga (Japan), DJ SaintLike (Fear & Loathing, Virginia) and DJ Throdown (DC).

With the recent success of Mothership in November, DM walked away almost immediately knowing there were a group of artists we had built such strong relationships, camaraderie and creative vision with, it only made sense to offer them membership into our evil empire.

Be sure to check out their artist profiles and videos and music below!

(Cover Image by HeadAboveHeart)


We have known Hydrosphere since the LPC days in early 2000.  Having experienced the early growth of Liquid and Digitz, Mike aka "Hydrosphere" demonstrates a true old school flow.  He also DJs Progressive House and Techno, quite well we might add!  Hydrosphere will help manage DMs presence and promotions in the dirty south by leveraging his already developed networkship in the Knoxville dance and DJ scenes.

DJ Nysus

Holding it down in the Philly 215, DJ Nysus straight up murdered it at Mothership.  His post Axiom competition set left the room hot, sweaty and full of melted faces.  We love his funky style and can't wait to bring him out again. 


Last year, Nari Digitz and Cham brought Ryoga to Axiom from Japan.  Upon his return this year, we could not believe the amount of progression he made.  He is as dedicated as he is talented and will be a major component to the Japan Chapter's ability to expose Liquid, Digitz and Dark Matter in Asia.

DJ SaintLike

5 minutes after hearing St Like's set at Leg...errrr....Block Party, DM went instant fan boy for this guy. Yeah, that happened.  The large group of dancers that came for Helix praised his skillset and music selection. SaintLike is both DJ and producer, with original music and a great taste for the classics.

DJ Throdown

DJ Throdown has been supporting our dance competitions since Thunderdome, when DM decided to bring Axiom into the EDM arena by joining forces with Symbiotic.  He has been instrumental in making sure our competitions run smoothly by bringing his DJing and turntablism expertise to the Axiom and Helix battles.  It's also been rumored that Throdown is the undisputable motorboat king!

DJ Amp

This may possibly be a formality at this point, but we would be remisce to not say anything about this guy and include him as a member of DM, Co-Conspirator as CEO of Symbiotic and hands down one of the hardest working gingers in the game.  Dj Amp is well known and respected in the DMV, and has been a remarkable ally and friend to DM.  His help and support in the areas of music, production, stage decor and theme development has been a huge part in what makes Dark Matter and Symbiotic events so memorable. 

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