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Something Good '08

Posted by Dark Matter on August 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

If I say do the running man, how many of you will take me seriously?  Well, if I was the dude in this video telling you to, I would say you should probably listen up! Utah Saints dropped this song in 2008, but the coordinated use of the running man in this video is pretty awesome. Add some eye candy, interesting looking locals, and a rando bar in the UK, somewhere you'll probably never end up at, and you got a typical day in the mind of the Utah Saints.

Don't forget to keep an eye out on Monday, September 3rd as we drop details for the annual Axiom Workshops and banging party Thunderdome:Beyond Axiom which will be held November 3rd, here in Baltimore. This year we teamed up with Symbiotic and Mush Mouth Media which we promise takes the feeling you get when you first open an awesome lunch your mom packed you in 2nd grade (ya know the one with a snack pack, Dunkaroos and a Yoo-hoo) and blows it out of the water!

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