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Funky Lia

Posted by Dark Matter on September 07, 2012 | 0 Comments

We are kind of hot and heavy over these YakFilms tutorials. Right now, they are bringing some of the best tutorial shorts out there. This is on top of their stellar filming of battles, major events, and showcases on individual dancers.

This tutorial is of Funky Lia from Insane Brain Crew // Soul, Korea. Enjoy!

Funky Lia Tutorial Part 1 | Popping | YAK FILMS // ROBOT

Funky Lia Tutorial Part 2 | Popping | YAK FILMS // WAVING

Funky Lia Tutorial Part 3 | Popping | YAK FILMS // GLIDING

Funky Lia Tutorial Part 4 | Popping | YAK FILMS // KING SNAKE

Funky Lia Popping in "Mechanical Seoul" South Korea

Lastly: Enjoy this dope solo clip of Funky Lia to see it all put together!



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