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Waving, Snaking & Cobra

Posted by Dark Matter on August 02, 2012 | 0 Comments

Since we have been on the waving, snaking and cobra tip lately, we wanted to drop some great breakdowns by dancers on how to perform various techniques in these styles.  Each lesson uses the same core principles in the respective style, but the beauty in it is the different interpretations and personal approaches in conveying and teaching it both verbally and physically.

As you watch these videos, think about how many of these techniques can be applied toward liquid and digits. From JR Boogaloo breaking down how to tense everything, then release a single body part, to the twist and spiral of the cobra. If you broaden your view on the application of these illusions, they become influential lessons on how to integrate them into the core principles of Liquid, Digits and other EDM based dance styles.

Lesson 2 @ Cobra Walkout Fresno Poppin Groovin


Poppin Zero | Waving & Animation Lesson | Taiwan 2011

ABM: Popping Basics (Snaking) Funktion

Kei - Cobra + Waves

Transmit Your Ones and Zeros