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Thunderdome Recap!

Highlights, Vids, Music and More!

Posted by Dark Matter on November 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

“Two men enter, one man leave.” This was the start to a long unrehearsed soliloquy out of LPErics mouth as we were kicking around themes for the event; thus several Jameson’s later we unequivocally had our theme nailed down: Thunderdome! What better place to provide patrons with to battle it out for bragging rights, prizes and a chance to just get down! And who better to team up with than Symbiotic!

The entire Thunderdome experience was one like no other, from beginning to end. Our combined teams gave every aspect of the event 110%, from coming up with the concept, decor, promotions, and sheer will and determination to give Baltimore one of the best damn parties it has seen in a long time!

One of the most notable factors of the Thunderdome experience was the awe-inspiring decor, hand crafted by the Symbiotic and Ground Zero crew which included Andrew “DjAmp” Prince, Anthony Terranova, Danielle Blue, and Rutch Dudder . After scrutinizing the movie several times over, we received a Facebook message from Andrew “DjAmp” Prince. He had it all worked out and laid out his vision for the decor and staging that would prove to go above and beyond anyone's expectations. The determination of their combined work ethic clearly reflected the astonishing quality of the product his team was able to produce. After weeks of construction, painting, a few f-bombs and quality bondage (sorry bonding) time with Dark Matter, the crew spent the final 3 days transforming the familiar Paradox to a completely refaced post-apocalyptic Bartertown. That night, the standards for party decorations were taken to a completely new level, one unseen by the Paradox and other venues thus far. If you were there, you can surely understand why they deserve to be commended!

As our attendees streamed in through the club their expressions and conversations of astonishment flooded the atmosphere. Outside Aunty Entity, played by the ever wonderful Beta Sarabi, welcomed guests with a loud and phenomenal “Welcome to Thunderdome!” Countless hours went into making her dress. With the gracious support of Pim Pirintr, over 5,000 soda can tabs were meticulously pieced together to form her dress! Check out more photos of the dress here.

It goes without saying that its everyone’s individual and group contribution that makes a party a success. So many folks stepped up to help us with staffing we don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say it was paramount that folks from Symbiotic, Dark Matter, BADASS Raves, Essence, Uforia, Good Vibes and more all kicked in to lend their support. You all rock!

It was amazing to see so many patrons partake in the theme of the movie. You all outdid yourselves producing creative costumes that without a doubt took time and care to make. Congratulations to Cara Slumdig 'Cribz' Christopher, winner of Thunderdome’s costume contest! I mean come on, how awesome is it that the best costume was picked out by Elite Force!

The Dome!

The dome, oh that dome! Its was unreal for us to walk into the dome for the first time. So many attendees would just step in, look up and do a 360, usually ending with an expression of sheer 'wow'. Glowing an ominous UV reactive red, the dome set the mood for the crazy showcases put forth by our performers. For 2 and half hours, With the support of Ross “Throdown” Volpe, we rocked the show with our audience dropping some serious vibe and support all around.

Once the show was complete, the room lit up with dance circles for the rest of night as The Funk Hunters dropped insane nu-funk, followed up by a closing set from BassPhreak.

The dome also held Dark Matter’s 2nd Annual All-Finger Styles Contest. This year blew up with more entrants, increased talent, and a greater participation from the gloving scene. Congratulations to finalists Riz & Nari. You both gave a great final round, with Nari edging it out. Japan has taken home the title for this year. We can’t wait to see who turns out next year to try and claim the prize!

There is more music out there than you know!

We are grateful to have had so much talent at TD, both in dancers and musical artists such as Elite Force, Parallax, Danny the Wildchild, 2-Rip, The Funk Hunters and more. Everyone involved in this event, was a testament to how collaboration, hard work and dedication can put together an event such as Thunderdome.

This is only the beginning! The Thunderdome experience will forever have a place in our hearts, and with that vision we’ll continue pursuing the restoration and advancement of our scene, in dance, music dynamics and experience! Expect Dark Matter and Symbiotic to be rolling out more events through the course of 2013.

Did We Say Thank you Enough?

Here is a big giant list of thank yous! We are so sorry if you are not on here. Just know you are thanked as well!

Anthony, Danielle, Irwin, Chris & Wayne, Jaleel, Josh, Jake Amora, Jesse Love, Marcus, Sophia, Junious Brickhouse, Toyin & Tasha, all the Urban Artistry family, Boppin Andre, Tiev, Abstract Dance Poets, Amy & Asa, Pim, Neiaz, Sheesh, Booda Monk, Deadly Venoms, 3D, Dushanti, Tiny, Dr Funk, Riz, Keenen, Ty, Eron, Rebecca, MKG, Falsify, Castro, A.J., Anton, Sean, Big Phil, Edgar, Lil Phil, Mark Flux, Gwo, Studio G, James Wu, Carlo, Orthobox, EVERY DJ on the flyer, Nick o Laas, Intuit Designs, Alex Serban, Framework, all the finger styles competitors, Rachel Reetz, Ken Koziak, Stetney, Tom Mckie, Shifted shapes, Cham, Nari, Ryoga, Rebecca Souther, Beta, Beta’s Mother, Wyatt, Brandon, Dave, Ian, Max Hatter, Chronic Illness, Neon Affliction Crew, lil Rockvillanz, B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves, 3D Production, Uforia, KupKake Promotions, Sentient Lighting, and Ian Denbows face.

Get Some!

In the meantime, we collected the sundry of videos, photo albums and more for you to sort through to remind you of how amazing the night was, or to make you completely jealous that you weren’t there :)

Quotes About and During Thunderdome -

“...give me a break, its my first day on the job here.” -LPEric

“I single handedly met every single person that ever inspired me to dance in a single night. I’d consider that a win, this event is surely going to go down in history!” -Mike Wobblez Vrettakos

“Thunderdome was by far one of the best parties I have ever been to in my entire life. The amount of love, dedication, and hard work put in by all of those involved was apparent from the very moment I heard about the event.” -Nicole LightItUp

“That was really one of the best experiences of my life.” -Max Hatter (referring to making it in the semi-finals of the All Finger Styles Battle)

“There was nobody there not having fun” ~Gabriela Mumpower

“It is said that when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, there is an endless transfer of energy. Boppin’ Andre was that unstoppable force, and Axiom/Thunderdome was that immoveable object. The transfer of energy that resulted from that meeting will continue on long after both force and energy have ceased to be.” -Shenchi

"I don’t ever dress up for anything, but i was so excited for thunderdome and the whole theme that I just had to make an epic costume." -Render One

“This is how a party should be” Wayne Davis, Owner, Paradox Night Cllub

Favorite Acts & Moments-

  • Dj Contemplation (adam) - finished up the night strong with some jump up classics.
  • Orthobox!!! He’s a great beatboxer with a dynamic knowledge of club music, a true showman.
  • Beta & LPE - reenactment of the boondocks scene, too awesome..
  • Dj Throdown motorboating Aunty Entity
  • Being asked by the Funk Hunters for Ginger Ale, and knowing immediately, they liked Whiskey.
  • Elite Force judging the costume contest
  • Aunty Entities’ “Welcome, to another edition of THUNDERDOME!”

LUSH's Opening Set from Thunderdome

Event Photos

Thunderdome Videos


Ty Fingers

Dark Matter Squad VS Chronic Illness

Oldschool VS New School

All Finger Styles Battle Prelims

All Finger Styles Battle Semis (Nari VS Chico)

All Finger Styles Battle Semis (Riz VS Max Hatter)

All Finger Styles Final (Riz VS Nari)


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