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Posted by Veek on October 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

With Thunderdome quickly approaching, the excitement amongst Dark Matter, Symbiotic and Mushmouth for putting on one beast of a production for you all continues to grow. We won’t say we have been giddy like a gaggle of schoolgirls, but we will tell you that our excitement-schwartz is as big as yours! After much discussion and planning, our collective production efforts have collaborated like Voltron to assemble a quality lineup finely tuned with many of your favorite local DJs, alongside 5 heavy hitter acts: Elite Force, Danny the Wildchild, The Funk Hunters, Parallax and 2Rip. Taking everyone’s interest into consideration, we’ve spanned across the entire spectrum of EDM music, guaranteeing that you’ll find sweet audible bliss to entertain your personal palate's desire for “the good stuff!” Add a balls-to-the-wall post-apocalyptic decor straight out of Bartertown, dance battles, performance showcases, an all finger-styles battle and two amazing hosts- Aunty Entity and Dr. Dealgood, prepare to be fully entertained as you enter the visionary world of Thunderdome.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the musical talent we have lined up for you. Stay tuned for next weeks break down of the contests, showcases, battles, theme and more!  If you're looking to get your dance education on prior to Thunderdome, check out the Axiom Workshops happening during the day!

Elite Force (Breaks)

Elite Force

Hailing from the UK, Elite Force is the epitome of an over achieving producer. Being an active participant within the music industry for +16 years, Elite Force (aka Lunatic Calm, Zodiac Cartel, Dustbowl and Flicker Noise) has proven to be a pioneer in electronic dance music. His superb talent earned him the title “Best producer” during the 2011 BreakSpoll Awards. In addition, his releases are featured throughout countless soundtracks including the Matrix, CSI, and several titles on the FIFA videogame series. Yet, even this extensive list of accomplishments does not fully capture the experience which is Elite Force! Get involved on the dance floor as Elite Force, known for engaging and hyping his crowd throughout his show, annihilates the Paradox’s booming sound system with bone crushing bass!

Facebook  // Soundcloud  //  Website

Danny The Wildchild (Drum & Bass)

Danny the Wildchild

Danny the WildChild has made appearances in multiple DJing magazines including Mixer, Thousand Words, and Lotus. His experience as a DJ dates back to early childhood, and the caliber of his experience shows in his performances. His reputation extends far past his hometown of Chicago, rightfully earning him a reputation as one of the most well known Drum’n’Bass DJ’s in the entire United States. Names like The Jungle Brothers, Eminem, Goldie, Moby, Goldie, and Mixmaster Mike are only a few of the acts which he has played alongside within while touring locations across planet earth.

Facebook  //  Soundcloud

The Funk Hunters (NuFunk)

Funk Hunters

Representing Vancouver, the Funk Hunters have continued to accumulate a ridiculous fan base which accurately represents their remarkable talent. Consisting of 2 DJs (Dunk’s & The Outliner) the Canadian based group combine the mixing capabilities of 4 turntables to flawlessly output multi-genre sets. Their awe-inspiring performances have expanded their touring far past the borders of Canada, to locations as far as Brazil. Not only have they performed at outstanding festivals such as Shambhala but they have also performed alongside major names such as RJD2, Z-Trip and Cut Chemist as well. The Funk Hunters will be a special treat for the plethora of dance talent about to converge on Thunderdome.

Facebook  //  Soundcloud  //  Website


Parallax (Speed Garage)

A Boston based artist, with over a decade of experience, Parallax has become one of the Nation’s most respected Speed Garage DJ’s. He brings a unique sound to the dance-floor, redefining the standards for the entire genre entirely with his signature beats. His mixes have received recognition from labels worldwide, earning him the title of “#1 Speed Garage DJ in the World” on two separate occasions (2008 & 2010) by thedjlist.com. His success has earned him tours all across North America.

Facebook  // Soundcloud

2Rip (Barry White on Acid)

A man who needs no introduction within the DMV, but deserves a sturdy welcome call from a voice like Rod Roddy of the Price is Right, DJ 2Rip is not only a highly regarded DJ but also a founder of B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves. Over the span of two decades, DJ 2rip has become instrumental in developing the DMV’s electronic music scene, successfully bringing together a thriving and collaborative United Nations of local production crews. In using his resources to create what is now recognized as one of the largest production companies in the DMV, he has played a key role in some of the area’s most successful events. Musically, 2Rip is well noted for bringing bass driven sounds that tear across highly packed dance floors. Hope you stretch before checking out this set.

Facebook  // Soundcloud

But Wait, There's More!

Still haven't found what your looking for? Though we doubt it, we packed the Paradox with 11 additional musical acts! Take a listen below, check out their sites, stalk them on Facebook and Soundcloud. Just don't show up to their houses uninvited. Cause that's just weird.

Dj Lantern vs. Daniella Downs (Drum & Bass)

DJ Lantern

Peter Lantern

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Daniella Downs

This guy's mixes are so good, that everytime he tries to upload one the internet explodes. Fear not, you can still check him out at one of the links below. Trust us when we tell you that you won't find a more entertaining Fb feed anwyhere else.


Facebook  //  Symbiotic  //  Malphunktion

Suspicious Sausages (Electro & Breaks)

Dj Obscure

Facebook  // Soundcloud

DJ aMp

Dj aMp

Facebook  // Soundcloud  // Symbiotic  //  Malphunktion

Throdown (The Kitchen Sink)

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Render One (Baby Makin’ Drum & Bass) -

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Rutch Dudder (Techno)

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Contemplation (Drum & Bass) -

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Digital Eyes (Electro)

Facebook  // Soundcloud  //  MushMouth Media

Logun (Drumstep)

Facebook  // Soundcloud


Facebook  // Soundcloud

Bassphreak (Glitch / Dub)

Facebook  // Soundcloud

Confetti (Electro)

Facebook  // Soundcloud

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