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The Rave Scene Funnies v.3


Posted by Dark Matter on May 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Awwwwe yeeeah! We're back with another edition of the rave scene funnies. Fasten your Tigger backpack, strap on your fuzzy boots and tighten your binkie! We're about to make it rain glowsticks up in herrr!

These guys are pretty old and crappy quality. We do recommend, however, that you finish drinking or eating before playing one of these classics.

Samuri Jack: Rave in the Forest

Unfortunately, we all the extended versions were taken down, but the opening scene is great as well.

Terry Techno

Ok, if you don't know who Terry Techno is, you are about to. And even if you have never seen these videos, if you have been to a rave, you most likely have seen his doppleganger!

Terry Techno Car Commercial

Yeah, by far the best one!

Terry Techno at Crosswalk

Why aren't you rucking sir!

Terry Techno at the Railway

There is more Terry Techno out there! But we were denied embedding!




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