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Posted by LP Eric on April 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

Oh I see, People got Jokes...This blog entry has been created with the sole purpose of tickling your funny bone with a wide array of rave satire I know you will enjoy. Some of these items are straight up hilarious and some are just plain wrong.

Ravers have always been targets for jokes since it does not take a rocket scientist to point out we are different. But then again, isn’t that what also makes our culture so great? Here are some true gems that I have discovered over the years and I want to present them to you for your amusement at our expense.

This installment includes a hyperactive raver, Star Wars PLUR, and a classic nostalgic gem for the 30 and older generation.

Raver Meltdown

We all have seen this happen more than once. It's not the most politically correct thing out there. But funny it is! "I'm the lord of Trance!"

Raver Meltdown

Click Image or Here to Play!

Robot Chicken: Rave on Genosia

Not even Star Wars is safe, especially when Robot Chicken gets a hold of it.

Strong Bad: Techno

EPIC! Needs no introduction. This bad boy has been around for quite some time. If you have never seen this video, you are in for a treat!!

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