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Amen Brother!

Posted by LP Eric on April 05, 2012 | 0 Comments

When you hear people say "Amen Brother!" what comes to mind? When I hear those words I recall the 6 second drum break that single handedly gave rise to a whole new style of music. The break is from a 1969 song performed by the Winstons called “Amen Brother”. This break ( Amen Break) would go on to engrain its way into all forms of music and most notably it is the genesis sound for Drum and Bass, also known as Jungle. Here is a video I came across that really breaks down the impact of the Amen break and its evolution. I have also included two other videos. The original Amen Break, by the Winstons and KJ Sawka, who is taking the Amen Break to the next level. I hope you enjoy the videoes!

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

KJ Sawka Live on c89.5

The Original Amen Break



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