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Theme, Performance, Contest Info!

Posted by Dark Matter on October 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ok post-apocalyptic ravers! Last week we gave you the DJ lowdown for Thunderdome. This week is your comprehensive guide to all of the shenanigans we have going on leading up to and during what will go down as one of the best parties you will attend this year! So much effort has gone into bringing you a unique, on-of-a-kind experience never done before at a party. So give this post a gander and see why if things got freaky, Dark Matter, Symbiotic and Mush Mouth would make the best damn looking babies on the planet.

Axiom Dance Workshops (12pm-5pm)

For those who are in the know, just taking one glance at the lineup for the daytime Axiom workshops, probably has you wiping drool of your chin. Leveraging Dark Matter’s network into the dance circuit, we didn’t mess around when it comes to bringing you the best of the best to learn from. The Axiom workshops are only $25 for over 5 hours of workshops. Go ahead, find a better deal, we dare you! Take a moment to check out the teacher’s bios and videos here. Our headliner, if you will, is the legendary Boppin Andre. Dre is considered not only a pioneer in his field, but also one of the original creators. You don’t get any closer to the "source" than this guy. He is making a rare appearance on the east coast, so don’t be left out wishing you took his class!

» Buy Tickets to the Axiom Workshops

» View All Axiom Workshop Details Here

Free Tickets, Giveaways, Hugs & High Fives!

Who doesn't like free shit? Below are two opportunities for you to win some swag, free tickets to Thunderdome and other events, high fives, and a once in a life time, rare as fuck autographed photo of Ian Denbow, aka DJ Daniella Downs.

Theme Costume Contest

ThunderdomeWith a theme as awesome as this, there is no reason we shouldn’t see some crazy post-apocalyptic outfits. How can you not want to dress up for this!!

So, to add some enticement, we are having a Costume contest at Thunderdome. Battle it out for cold hard cash and free tickets to B.A.D.A.S.S Raves NYE party, Laser Disco!


  • Dress up in your best post apocalyptic/Mad Max gear (no typical raver outfits)
  • Get your photo taken at the Costume Contest booth before 1am at Thunderdome to be considered
  • Winners will be announced in the Main Room around 3am after Elite Force's set!


  • 1st place: $50 and 2 tickets to Laser Disco NYE
  • 2nd place: $30 and 1 ticket to Laser Disco NYE
  • 3rd place: $30

Many will enter, a Few will achieve bloody well dressed Glory!!

Meme me this! Free Ticket Giveaway!

Thunderdome memeWant a free ticket to Thunderdome? Free Entry to Mush Mouth’s Event for a whole year? Then Enter the Thunderdome Meme Contest!


  • 1st place: Mush Mouth T-shirt or tank - free entry to TD - Free entree to Mush Mouth Media shows for the rest of the year.
  • 2nd place: Free Mush Mouth T-shirt or tank - free entry to TD
  • 3rd place: Free Mush Mouth T-shirt or tank
  • 4th place: free shampoo samples
  • 5th place: mistreated up Digital-Eyes sticker
  • 6th place: autographed photo of Ian Denbow
  • 7th place: hug
  • 8th place: high five
  • 9th place: handshake
  • 10th place: a wave and a smile

We have clearly spared no expense in sweet loot, so get to it yall!


Deadline: October 31!

  • Create a meme related to the party
  • Post the picture on the event page
  • Tag your friends who you think might be interested
  • Tag MushMouthMedia, Symbiotic, and DarkMatter
  • The best meme will win 1st prize. This will be chosen by a serious panel of experts in a closed door session, moderated by Candy Crowley.
  • Meme with the most comments wins 2nd
  • Meme with most likes wins 3rd

Insane Décor!

Thunderdome decorCan you tell we are into this theme, just a little bit? DJ aMp and the Symbiotic crew have been hammering away in their workshop building authentic masterpieces. Expect some serious décor to include insane signage for each area of the party and a raved out rendition of the thunderdome to house the dance battles and showcases.  A big thank you goes out to Ground Zero for hooking up the studio space to make this possible.

Inside the Dome!

Underneath the EDM Thunderdome, a spectacle like no other awaits! You are going to experience one hell of a show. Make sure to get to here early in order to be bugged the fuck out from 10:30pm – 1:00am. Your hosts Dr. Dealgood and Aunty Entity will be taking you on a 2 and half hour journey with some of the most amazing dancing and performances you will ever see under one roof.

Finger Styles Contest

Finger Style ContextGet ready for Dark Matter Squad's 2nd annual All-Finger Styles contest! The registration response to this battle was amazing! Expect practitioners in digits, finger tutting, gloving and even voguing to step up and steal your face; all for a full year of bragging rights, $200 cold hard cash & a $75 gift card courtesy of PEDX Clothing!

The contest starts at 10:30pm sharp! If you registered, remember you MUST sign in by 10:00pm inside the dome.

EDM Showdown

Code Red & Tiny Love (Dark Matter Squad) VS D-Strange & Flexx Luther (Chronic Illness)

EDM Showdown

Get ready for an EDM showdown, showcasing some of the illest in Liquid, Digits, finger tutting and more. All four of these dancers have an extensive background in the development of Liquid and Digits. They are coming together in this showcase battle to give you all a first hand view of these styles in their purest forms.

Old School Meets New School

Boppin Andre & 3D VS Frequency & Mark Flux

Old School vs New School

Welcome to Thunderdome’s main event! Animation, waving, snaking, showmanship and more is the theme for this battle. Boppin Andre will literally make you rub your eyes second-guessing your state of mind. Top it of with the insane snaking and cobra of 3D, precision waving of Frequency and the undeniably creative, animated Mark Flux. Have someone next to you to pinch you when your not quite sure if you are awake, dreaming or watching some CGI animated rendition of Godzilla vs King Kong!

Showcase Performances

Dinner With Ty

Sit down and enjoy a candlelit dinner with Ty Fingers. We aren’t going to spoil the surprise for this showcase, but expect something way out of the finger box for this one.

Fly Guy TY is one of the indisputable innovators and master craftsmen behind the evolution of the Finger Connect style. This custom performance will surely show you why.  Residing in Brooklyn, NY, TY is inspired to create through the senses of sight, sound and touch. While he is also a practitioner of Popping and Flexing styles, it is his Finger Connect talent that stands above the rest.


Jews + Beatbox + Amazing = The Orthobox

Delaware-based beatboxer, Orthobox will be giving a special 15 minute showcase of annihilating vocal skills. Don’t be too surprised if him and DJ Throdown start vibing off each other. 

Get your tickets now!

Buy Tickets to Thunderdome: http://darkmattersquad.ticketleap.com/thunderdome/

Visit the Thunderdome Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/379761512094102

Axiom Dance Workshops: http://www.darkmattersquad.com/events/axiom2012

Buy Tickets to the Axiom Workshops: http://darkmattersquad.ticketleap.com/axiom2012/

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